June 27, 2012

Birthday Surprise!

So...my birthday is tomorrow and yesterday I got an early surprise from my cousin's cousin. (You catch that? Eh, let's just call her my cousin.) Anyway she brought me over the most beautiful little cake EVER!

*WARNING* It is quite unfortunate, but I am not wearing any makeup and have not done my hair in anyway in the upcoming pictures. You have been warned.

First off I was greeted by this...

SO pretty!

That made my day!

After that we went to my cousin's basketball game and went to Geneva on the Lake. I can officially say I have been!
Mom and I at Geneva on the Lake

All and all, a pretty good day!
Have a good day loves!


  1. And that is why you really are the most beautiful girl in the world...you look THAT good without hair and makeup. Happy birthday love!

  2. did she make the cake?? if so, that's some talent! :)

    1. She got it from a really cool bakery in Ohio, but yeah it is super cool!

  3. super cute blog :):) that cupcake is ADORABLE! please come check out my blog some time!


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