June 18, 2012

Life's little black and white clouds...

My grandma passed away yesterday.
She is loved and missed dearly.

Grandma with newborn me

Mom and I are on our way to Ohio together tonight on the red eye. She came to Tucson with me to catch a flight out of Phoenix--it is the only airport in the west with a direct flight to Cleveland. Hopefully the direct flight helps my mom since she has been having this unexplained and really bad vertigo.

We will fly back the 30th so posts may be sporadic during that time.

I did have a good weekend with Kevin's family. Great seeing everyone and a lovely day in the mountains spreading Kevin's grandpa's ashes. He was a great man who made amazing peanut butter sandwiches. His secret was that he used a lot of real butter. (Thank God I never tried them cause sounds like I would have been hooked...)

Here are some random camera phone photos from the weekend.
Kevin and I all blurry in the car
Kevin's cousin Dalia and I blurry in the car

But to happier news, my sister's tennis team who won state a month ago made the newspaper!

Ellie is the pretty one in the white shirt.

I got to spend father's day with my dad and I love both of my dad's soooo much. Here are my letters to them.

Dear Dad,

I will always remember you teaching me to ride a bike and go looking at rocks when I was young. Thank you for cheering for me at swim meets (even though it was hotter than hell in those pools). Thank you for teaching me to drive that old Ford F-150…and then thank you for getting rid of it. Thank you for always being there.

Now as an adult, I still have so many things to thank you for. Thank you for passing on your cooking experimentation on to me. There is nothing that I love more when I visit home is eating your cooking. Thank you accepting Kevin as your son. It makes me so happy that the two of you enjoy hanging out together and your speech at our wedding will always be in my heart. Thank you for showing my what a family is and always putting family first.

You are a man of few words, but I have never doubted how much you love me. You don't dish out "I love yous" everyday, so I know that when you say it, you really mean it. When you speak, I know I need to listen (most of the time)!

Though I may be married and living 4 hours away, I will always be your little girl.
I love you so much, Dad!

Dear Dave,
Thank you for being so accepting of me since the day I came around in 2005. You are always a kind and caring man. You are also always very patient and responsible--great qualities that you have passed on to your son. Both you and my dad have shown me what it takes to be a husband and a father and I shot the moon with Kevin. Thank you for allowing me to travel with your family and see parts of the country I never dreamed I would see so soon.

Love you!

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