June 25, 2012


So far so busy for a trip to Ohio! I don't even know where to start now that I am finally posting. Here is a random recaps of the trip with most pics being super crappy off my phone. 

I have loved hanging out with my cousin Grace and I have done lots of baking, Cake Boss watching, and Uno playing.
No ones birthday, but candles seemed festive! ;-)

I watched her brothers play in their baseball game. They won!! Then we went to get ice cream to celebrate. The best way to celebrate in my humble opinion...

No pics of the ice cream of course...I am too fast eating it to take a picture.

Forgive me, I just got done working out so I look like hell

I woke up with one of my migraines Thursday morning {so not fun}. 

Friday and Saturday I got to see a lot of friends and family.

Saturday night my cousins, uncle and I camped. We got to do some fishing and shooting. It was the first time my youngest cousin had been camping. Took a while to convince her to pee...

Got one to bite my first try! He was small so we let him go back.

There is one thing that I am really hoping to do while I am here in Ohio...
I wanna watch it RAIN.

I cannot remember the last time I saw rain.

My Ohio family thinks it is hot here at 85 degrees...whereas in Tucson it is 111. I love the cool weather!

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