June 15, 2012

Prayers Please

My heart is heavy right now as my grandma is in the hospital after a stroke. After this stroke there was a bad turn of events. The site of the mild stroke began bleeding. 

Her DNR was signed yesterday and they are keeping her comfortable.
She lives in Ohio so she is across the country.

She is an amazing woman. She was a surgical nurse in her day and pinned me in my nursing graduation. (oops, don't have those pictures on this computer)

I am so happy that she was able to see me marry Kevin.

My grandma, Me, and my Mom's hands
Three generations

My next post will be after the weekend is over. I am heading to northern New Mexico this weekend to see Kevin's mom's side of the family. Kevin's grandpa passed away a couple of weeks ago. It was peaceful and in his sleep. We will be spreading his ashes together in the Jemez mountains where he took his family camping often.

So prayers please for my family. 

In happier news...I did officially take my husband's last name yesterday. :-D

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