June 12, 2012



So for my first ever blog post I have decided to do quite a long post, but it will help you get to know me (haha assuming if you are reading this blog you wanna know me). I have been a reader of blogs for quite some time and have decided to get into the community myself. My favorite thing about the blogs that I read is that I feel like I know them and that we could be bff’s! So hopefully for my first week of blogging, you feel like you get to know me. 

Do you guys remember those chain e-mails from middle school where you filled in the answers to a long list of questions? I will imitate that here for you all! 

Name: Lauren :-)

College Attended: New Mexico State University. Majored in Nursing. 

Sisters: I have two younger sisters. Tess is 2 ½ years younger than me. She is amazingly smart, funny, and pretty. I think as she gets older we will grow closer. Ellie is 7 years younger than me and super beautiful, charming, and nice. I love joking around with her and watching her play tennis. Actually both my sisters are super talented tennis players!


Sports: Like I said above I have two talented sisters in tennis. Did I play tennis? Depends on how loose your definition of play is. My sport was swimming. I decided to stop swimming when I went to college to focus on school. I do wish that I kept up swimming more. 

First Crush: The earliest I remember was Max something or other in 3rd grade and Marshall something or other in 5th grade. 

Name a favorite of each-food, drink, and color: Does chocolate count? Kevin calls me a picky eater…I say selective. Drink…water. I have never had a carbonated beverage in my life. Yes you read that right. For color, I would say pink! 

Name a least favorite of each-food, drink and color: Anything seafood. For drink anything carbonated-coke, beer, champagne…I guess of drinks that I actually have tried my least favorite would be just regular milk. My least favorite color is probably red. 

If you married rich and your spouse gave you $100,000 a week, what would you spend it on: That would be so exciting! I would start with my dream home. 

What kind of underwear do you prefer wearing: I don’t own any other underwear besides VS. 

What are five things you have to have in your dream house: Well awesome question because that is what I am spending my riches on! I would have to have my amazing husband, a big kitchen, a lovely master suite, smart house stuff (that is for the hubby…the TVs, surround sound, programming stuffs…), and a huge closet. *note that is included in the master suite, but the closet is the most important part of the house! ;-) 

Ski or Snowboard: Ski! I love Vail, CO. 

Favorite Sport: Football and swimming 

Favorite sport teams: I could go on and on with this question. I am sure every Sunday of football season there will be major posts. I am a fan of all sport teams Denver and Cleveland (yes even the Browns) I also have major love for The Ohio State University everything. Why? My family is from Ohio, Kevin’s family is from Colorado. 

Woah…that was a lot. Thanks for getting to the bottom of this post!! I am excited to start my blogging journey and hope you enjoy following me!


  1. Great first post, Lauren! Looking forward to many more!!

    1. P.s. this is Andrea!

  2. Super excited for you that you started your own blog!! Yay! And glad I now know you a little bit more :) You are adorable!!


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