July 5, 2012

Glitter in the Sky--My 4th of July!

My first fourth of July in Tucson was a pretty good one!!
First Kevin made me some yummy waffles.

Then we went and bought some fresh fruit for me to make fruit pizza.
Still wasn't as good as my mom's.

But we enjoyed it with Lisa and her husband.
{Lisa's instagram photos of our night}

Then we went and saw fireworks in Tubac at their golf resort.
black & white classic photos ^

Now my day after will be spent cleaning the house, writing thank you notes, and getting in a work out.

Gotta stay inside with all the heat.
Plus despite my best efforts I got a little red after my pool day with Lisa

Hope everyone has an amazing day!
Love, Lauren

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  1. Love this post! So glad that you came along! :) We'll have to get together when I get back. Until then, I'm going to be blog stalking. Love you lots!


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