July 19, 2012


Not having a job has afforded me with lots of TV time. I have been into HGTV lately and would like to divulge into my favorite shows there:

Property Brothers
The show I would be on if I got the opportunity.
They do such beautiful work!
Before and After. I'll take it!!!
Thank you for bringing it to AMERICA!
I hate watching stuff in Canada cause house prices are stupid there!

Design Star
It is down to the final two. Britany vs. Danielle
Go Britany, you Arizona hottie, you!

The judges make me wanna puke. But I like David!
Some of the designs also make me want to puke, but this is the best year so far that I have seen.

House Hunters:
Classic HGTV.
Guilty pleasure.

What I want HGTV to bring back:
Sarah's House
Bang for your Buck

Anyone else watching HGTV with me?


  1. I am an HGTV addict! My friend is the personal assistant to the host of Property Virgins, so she obviously is always on the set. How cool is that? House Hunters is my favorite show though, and I love all of the celebrity house hunting ones too. :)

    1. That is so cool! I loved Sandra but Egypt has stepped up to the plate! (haha can you tell I watch too much?!?)
      I love the celeb ones too. In fact I am glad they are bringing more of those back. I can design on a dime with the best of them...when I watch HGTV I wanna see things I can't do! haha

  2. I love Before/After's! I watch HGTV sometimes, but it honestly makes me too jealous, hehe. I always wish my rooms looked like theirs, or that I had a shred of the know-how they do, lol. But it is such a great channel! Once I get past my petty jealousies, I'll get more into it! :p

    1. Well I have the cheap cable package so in addition to HGTV there isn't much. I'll be the first to admit that I miss Bravo...

  3. I love love property brothers and house hunters!! I could stay up all night watching those shows :)
    Oh gosh I sure love mint and chocolate! Now I'm craving it!
    Congrats on your job!!! Good luck!!

  4. Ha ha! HGTV is SO addicting!! That is the only channel I'll be watching once we buy a home :)

  5. I love HGTV! I didn't know that Property Brothers came to the US...but was watching last night and surprised because the people sounded southern - but I didn't catch where it took place. Good to know!!


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