July 4, 2012

Super Awesome Post

Those who know me, know that I love a great deal. So now any awesome person who reads my blog can learn how to get really good nail polish for one penny.

Seriously. I kid. you. not. 
Go here and try it yourself!

It is called a Julep Box and it is kinda like a Birch Box. {Which I have never tried, but looks awesome}

So take the quiz and find out what style you are. I {believe it or not} am a bombshell.
So all you do is sign up and enter the promo code COLOR2012 and get it for a penny! 
Do it and let me know what kind of style maven you are!

Then all you gotta do is cancel by July 24th so that you don't get charged 19.99. {for the next month}

I am really excited. And if anyone knows any great deals out there like this, let me know! I love the idea of these boxes and this is my first one.

I just am always too budget conscious to do these kind of boxes.
Oh and Happy 4th of July!
Happy Birthday America~
everyone stay safe!

*i am not paid by Julep to right this post, I just like their product and love almost free stuff even more*


  1. I may just have to do thIs! First, the most amazing dress for $20 and now nail polish for a penny? You totally know how to find the deals. :)

  2. A friend of mine showed this same promo and mine came in the mail yesterday and I am sooooo excited to try them!! Let me know how you like it!


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