July 27, 2012

Twenty Three in Twenty Three

Doing this link up here to make a list of things I want to do while I am 23. They are written down, therefore they have to be accomplished...right!?

one. Run a 5K
two. Save money
three. Do some charity work
four. Meet a blogger friend in person
five. Adopt a dog

how could you say no to that face?!?

six. Have a fun girls weekend with my sisters
seven. Travel somewhere new with my husband
eight. Start swimming again
nine. Keep learning how to blog and become better with that
ten. Go to a Denver Broncos game

eleven. Keep exercising regularly
twelve. Eat more fruits and vegetables
thirteen. Try to stop this habit of stubbing my toes and tripping
{aiming high on this list}
fourteen. Organize my wedding stuffs
fifteen. Buy a house

Okay...so it may not look like this, but a girl can dream...

sixteen. Explore Tucson and surrounding areas
seventeen. Buy awesome clothes for myself
{defeats #2 but everyone should look good!}
eighteen. Get better at doing my hair
{any help and advice welcome. Like I said...aiming high on this list}
I would love this...

nineteen. Start my career the way it needs to be
twenty. Take Kevin to IKEA and buy stuffs
{he has never been and I have never purchased anything from there}
twenty-one. Ride a horse
{It's been ages}
twenty-two. Keep praying and be myself
twenty-three. Just enjoy this year
What do you want to accomplish?


  1. Great list! I would LOVE to be able to do that to my hair too!

  2. Just found you through the link-up. Your blog is adorable!!:) Newest follower!

    Shelby xoxo

  3. I love your list! I just did something very similar for my birthday a month ago... except mine is twenty eight in twenty eight. I'm doing so/so thus far and hope to get a little bit better!

  4. Love your quote at the end! I ran my first 5k in March. It was a blast and I'm totally addicted. I've now ran 6 and have another scheduled.

  5. wow! your list is great! i need to do this. I need to think about all the stuff I want to accomplish. Good luck!!

  6. I need to do this list! And you know, you could always come to Texas and meet a blogger friend ;) haha! Although, that may not help you with #2 (the whole save money part), haha!

    I pretty much could comment on EVERY. SINGLE. THING. ON. THIS. LIST because a lot of them (almost all) would be on my list too! Especially the whole styling my hair thing! :( And my hubby HATES Ikea! We didn't have one until we moved down here to TX and now he hates going there & keeps convincing me that I have nothing to buy there (boo!)

    I especially LOVE #22 & 23!

  7. i found you on the GFC blog hop. Hope you'll follow back.


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