August 13, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 10 Secrets

So excited for this link up with my girl Tiffany at Austin Family Diary

10 secrets! This will be a hard one! Let's see what we have...

one A lot of people say that if they could do it all over again, they wouldn't change a thing. They have no regrets because their mistakes made them who they are today. I guess that's true, but I would absolutely change some things if I could go back! I definitely have regrets! 

two I tend to dwell on dwindling or lost friendships...they just drive me crazy. I always think I did something wrong. I try to realize that people change and move on and stuff but I just miss people. 

three As a swimmer in high school, there were plenty of times I forgot my underwear. I would only find out after morning practice when I was changing to go to school...

Look at Micheal lane 8 

four I used to cry a lot when I was younger. I was very dramatic. Now when I am emotional I shut down and don't cry. 

five I never wear blush. I have rosacea. 

six I am so indecisive I practically need people to make decisions for me. My top two decision makers are Kevin and my mom. It is pretty annoying.

seven I take very short showers. I think I got this from swimming all my life. Showering was the last thing I felt like fit into my busy schedule. I do promise I get clean despite my 2 minute shower!

eight My fingers swell like 72 times their normal size when I am warm {okay slight exaggeration}. So my rings are either really loose or really tight. 

nine As an adult I can still count on my own two hands how many times I have warn a two piece bathing suit. Why do you ask? I am super disproportional. I wear an XS bottom and an XL top. With a short torso...looks awful.

me on my honeymoon...I can't believe I posted a pic of me in a two piece.
I must be crazy...

ten I keep secrets really well...and will announce another secret later on this week. 
Thank you to everyone linking up this week. Next Tuesday we move on to nine loves! 
Hope to see you guys then!
10 Day Challenge Link Up


  1. I'm the same way with showers! I was a swimmer in high school, and it's super hard for me to slow down and take a long relaxing shower.

  2. Love the link up!! I am your newest follower!

  3. Bahaha love that--Michael lane 8 :) I too dwell on lost friendships..I always feel like there's something still there and it will all work out...but it usually doesn't happen :( Oooh can't wait to read your last secret later this week--sneaky lady you!

  4. how funny! I found your blog from the blog hop so when I went to check it out, you're doing a link up with Tiffany who was my very first follower :) it's like we have a mutual friend...kind of. anywho, I'm excited to be your newest, coolest follower - and I'm excited for this link up but it'll have to wait until tomorrow :) by the way, I posted pics of me in a 2 piece on my honeymoon too. ugh I want that body back - it'll come....soon. haha

  5. I found you from the blog up, I love this link up! Also you look great in that 2 piece :)
    Pretty Living PDX

  6. I wish I could take short showers! I always feel like I am in there way too long.

    I think you look cute in the two piece! I don't see what you mean about being disproportionate at all!

    I hate being indecisive >.<

    Thanks for hosting this, can't wait for your announcement, an next Tuesday's topic! :)

  7. I would go back in a heartbeat to change a few things in my past!
    I tend to dwell on things too, especially when it comes to fighting with friends or just drifting a part.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who is super indecisive. I hate that I can't make a quick decision, I keep trying to change that and it hasn't worked yet.
    You don't look disproportionate, I think you look super cute in that two piece.
    Thanks for hosting this :D I love your blog! New follower!!

  8. You are such a good swimmer and need to teach me! Ha, you are super gorgeous in your swimsuit. :) Love that we have so much in common and you're amazing!

  9. forgetting underwear sounds like something i have done in the past lol

    great list!!

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  11. Hey girl! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I'm one of the co-hosts! Thanks for linking up! I love this link-up! I wish I had known about it from day one so I could have participated the whole time!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better! :)


  12. This really is such a great post. Stopping by from the blog hop.

  13. New Follower. Found your blog from Growing Each Day when she did the link-up & I love it! Decided to participate too! =]
    I have huge regrets too, I would definitely change things about my past & honestly, I would still be where I am today. I never forgot my underwear as a swimmer, but I hated showering afterwards. I think all of this combined has led to my extreme hate for long drawn out showers {& kids of course!}
    Thanks for doing the link-up, look forward to next weeks!

  14. I can really relate on a lot of your secrets! Especially the one about losing friends. That is so hard! I love this link up, today's was kind of hard to think of, but I think it was good.

  15. I totally have regrets too! Thanks for hosting excited for next week.

  16. New follower! Thanks for the fun challenge!

  17. Thanks for hosting this link much fun! I can't wait for all the others and getting to know everyone better.

  18. hahahaha :) thanks for linking up! IT IS SO COOL! :) I am going to have fun with this!
    I so dislike when you take a quick shower and people look at you like HUH? ALREADY? LOL I am just a Get in ... get clean... get out ... get comfy kinda girl! LOL

  19. GIIIRRLLL...Your number two and six...I CANNOT even deal with broken friendships...I'm the same way...going through one right now...but I have to remind myself that not all relationships last a lifetime...some are only for seasons and lessons...and don't even get me started on being indecisive...I can't ever make up my mind about anything in life...sounds like we're Secret #2 & #6 twins...its too late now...but when I go to sleep and then wake up later today...I'm soooooo coming back for this...LOL! See ya later, Lauren.

    Be Blessed.

  20. I am the same with my my rings. Super tight or super loose. i think it's awesome you were a swimmer!

  21. Ohhhhh my gosh I love all of this!!!!!!

  22. You're still braver than me! I've never worn a bikini....well, not since I was 1 and a 1/2 years old. I actually hate taking showers but I still do...I don't make them last any longer than they have to, though!


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