September 18, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 5 Foods

I am going to branch into actual food dishes since everyone knows my obsession with chocolate and cheese. No need to put those on here since everyone knows that...

In honor of today's subject, I made some Zucchini bread this weekend finally! (remember when that was on my list)? It is very good and I will post the recipe soon!

This was hard for my to stay away from sweets and chocolate (even harder in real life!) but I did!
I also had a hard time picking just five! Even for a selective (Kevin calls it picky) eater.
Also sorry that I am late in posting. Looks like someone forgot to post after work :/ Forgive me? :-) 

one: Fried Okra
I mean who doesn't love fried food period, but I just love fried okra for some reason. (and I never have it...I should change that)

two: Rolls
Seriously who doesn't love bread! Texas Roadhouse has amazing rolls.

three: Pizza
With lots of meat and cheese!!!
I especially love a good white pizza.

four: Deli Sandwiches
Who doesn't love a good deli sandwich? Lots of meat and cheese is the best!

There is a local place I found here in Tucson that knows how to make me a deli sandwich!

five: Mexican Food
Like good Mexican food. I love me some enchiladas, flautas, tacos al carbon, nachos, chili con queso, chimichangas, etc...I was raised on the best Mexican food ever and will never compromise on that!
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  1. I know this is going to sound SUPER fattening and you may not think it is good, but try Texas Roadhouse's bread with ranch, I promise it's delicious! We'll just pretend it's fat free :) If you have a Logan's near you, their bread and ranch is delish too!

  2. Okra...YUM. Rolls...YUM. Getting the free bread is my favorite part of too many restaurants. I wish I didn't love break so much!

  3. lol I'm glad we describe Mexican food the same way....Living in Texas for two years really showed me that NM really does have the best Mexican food.

  4. Oh my gosh. LOVE bread. I love bread plain, I love bread with butter, any sandwich... gah. Love those carbs. :p

    Also, chocolate and cheese are heeaaavenly

  5. My favorite thing about Roadhouse rolls is the honey butter! Ok, and the rolls. But that butter is to die for!



    haha thanks again for another great link-up!


  7. and I could def be BFFs! And cheese and chocolate - yes please.

  8. Fried food, YES. I can't believe I forgot to mention that in my list!!

  9. those rolls are very tasty :)

    i love a good greasy deli sandwich too!

  10. Oooooh love white pizza! Next time you gimme to Phoenix, we'll go to our little local pizza place. They have the best white pizza!

  11. I was a hostess at TRH is highschool...I still crave them to this day (10 years later). I agree with Allie's comment too... with ranch is AMAZING.

  12. yum bread! even though you didn't list cheese as one of your foods, it was part of 60% of your post! understandable though, it's so yummy! :)

  13. Mmmmm.... mile -high corned beef sammich is the BEST!

  14. Last week I was seriously CRAVING fried okra while I was at work. As in, had trouble concentrating because it was so much on my mind.

    There's only one thing worse than that.

    Knowing that there is literally NOWHERE in Melbourne I could get fried okra, or indeed okra in any form. Yes, it was a very long morning!

  15. Those rolls make my mouth water....we have a Logan's Roadhouse in our area and they have similar rolls. SO GOOD!

    That pizza looks pretty darn amazing, too. I am definitely glad I decided we are having pizza for dinner tonight! :-)

  16. cant say i have had fried okra before but i love pizza, rolls especially if they are hot and fresh out of the oven and deli sandwiches that are thick with meat and cheese, yum!

  17. My goodness that Mexican looks good!

  18. We could be best friends! All five of those plus chocolate and cheese are my favorites. ha. I could probably eat pizza every meal for a month.


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