September 11, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 6 Places

Everyone has places. Places they feel at home, places where they are home, places that have significance. Here are mine.

one: Las Cruces, NM
Home, sweet home! My whole life has been there: I was born and raised there. Kevin was born and raised there too. We love that we are still only four hours from home.
New Mexico State University's Campus. One of my favorite Las Cruces places!

two: Tucson, AZ
My new home with Kevin. It has proven to be really hot, but I cannot wait to keep getting to know this city!
going and seeing some softball!

three: The suburbs of Cleveland, OH
My extended family has lived in the suburbs of Cleveland and I love it. The trees, the houses, the people...its all so different then out west. When we are visiting my family, I love going to see a Cleveland Indians game, going to Cedar Point, Lake Erie, the list could go on and on! Such a beautiful landscape up there!
Back from 2007 when I shared Ohio with Kevin. Wow. We look young!

four: Vail, CO
Kevin's grandparents have a timeshare there, and every spring I have been able to share with him and his family in visiting. The town is beautiful and I love the skiing. I hope to continue the tradition of going every year and one day sharing it with my kids. (Fun fact. Kevin's parents were married in Vail.)
us in Vail 2012 pics aren't on my laptop :/

five: Coronado Island, CA
I will forever remember the day when Kevin proposed to me. It was a perfect weekend and I can't wait to go back and visit.
just engaged! Thanks random person on the beach for taking our picture!

six: Australia
This is the only place on this list that I have not been. It is somewhere I have wanted to go since middle school when I did a school project on it. I hope to travel there one day.

There it is! Have a great Tuesday!
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  1. Aww love that you got engaged at Coronado! And love the AZ shoutout--I should have done that too!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Colorado. I love the mountains and the pictures I've seen look beautiful. I've never really been very far west. I want to go to Australia too. My cousin actually lives there because of her husband's job.

  3. Your list is great! I've only been skiing in Colorado once, but I loved it! And I got to learn about the hotel behind you in the Coronado photo in class last week- haha!

  4. I lived in the suburbs of Cleveland for two years. What part does your family live in? And I'd also love to visit Austrailia someday. I have family there.

  5. Aw LOVE LOVE LOVE Such amazing places! :) Australia is on my to go to wish list too! :) Cant wait to link up to this later today! <3

  6. love the picture on the beach!, and I always wanted to go to Austraila - so when you buy ur ticket just buy mine to mmkay thanks :) LOL

  7. Ooooh Australia would be an awesome place to visit! I need to add that to my list of desired travel destinations!

    I've never been to Colorado, but I have friends that live there and say it is gorgeous. I live in the midwest, so we don't really have too many mountains or other gorgeous landscapes. I would love to go to Colorado someday!

  8. I love the NMSU campus too... especially when the leaves finally change.

  9. love your places!! and the special meaning they have for you (and kevin)

    australia is the ONE place i have been itching to go for years and years too! i am pretty sure it was steve irwin who started off my australia obsession :)

    i love CO,it would be fun to go skiing there. i have only been in the summer...

  10. Okay girlie you are in Tucson, we need to meet up sometime.

  11. I love that all the places you chose had a special meaning for you :D
    I would love to go to Australia too! Hopefully one day both of us will be able to go!

  12. i visited new mexico and arizona a few years ago... lovely places!

  13. I have never been to the US, but it's so diverse you cannot help but be interested. My favourite place is on a specific castle in Yorkshire. It has been the home of many life-changing moods and decisions.

    R xx

  14. I never got around to doing this challenge but I'm enjoying reading yours and others who are linking here. Ps you and the Mr are flippin ADORABLE :)

  15. Love your list! I've wanted to go to Cleveland OH ever since I watched the Drew Carey show - weird? I know! hahaha. Lucky you...timeshare in the mountains...pshhh!

  16. looks like you've been all over! that's awesome.
    but i once did a 12-hour (in ONE day) roadtrip around colorado and we passed through many of the ski towns and i told my husband that i could see myself living there. now granted it was summertime and i'm a southerner and i might not be able to handle the cold but hey, at least it would be beautiful!

    (found your blog via wonderful wednesdays link up! now following!)


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