September 4, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 7 Wants

Tiffany and I are both loving this link up and all you other ladies linking up and getting into the fun with us.

This one was so much fun to get into!
Don't we all always seem to want for something?

I want to be more crafty. Hello Pinterest!
In addition to be a better chef for Kevin. Pinterest is helping, but I still feel I have a ways to go.

My dream home. One day! But at first I would take my dream starter home.

cute no? Probably won't work in ARIZONA.

A happy life--its simple. I just want a happy, long life next to Kevin. (and a dog and one day some kids)

A surprise party. I know that sounds weird, but don't judge me. I have never had one. Sounds fun. Plus I have a sad tradition with birthdays as of late. I vow to have a happy 24th birthday!!

To be healthier and skinnier. I feel like I am constantly wishing for this one and that I have the control over this one, but sometimes I just don't know what I am doing wrong or right.

 My sisters and I to be closer despite our distance. I want us to be the best of friends one day. I am hoping it doesn't take much longer.

my sisters and I circa 1996

and now!

As always, I want my family and friends to be happy and healthy. I also want to be successful with my first week of work (okay second, but the first week I didn't work with patients) 

Honorable mentions: a nice camera (and the ability to use it), some new tennis shoes that feel good on my feet, a visit to a podiatrist (so I know what shoes I need), and free money to buy some wardrobe staples. Who doesn't like free money?!? 
What do you want?!
10 Day Challenge Link Up


  1. I would like to be crafty too!!! I have so many things pinned on Pinterest, but I know some are way too advanced for me to try,

  2. Pinterest seems to make everyone more crafty! I haven't tried any of the crafts I've pinned, but I'm working on it! haha
    I do want to be skinnier & healthier, I learned in my nutrition class for nursing school that it's really all about our fruits & veggies, but not the good kinds we all like to the great leafy veggies, broccoli, and spinach. Well, at least those aren't the kind of prefer to eat haha
    I love your wants, their so simple {like living a happy life!}, surprisingly, moving 3 hours away from my sister brought us closer. We talk more, but it's usually through e-mail.. you could try just starting a conversation like that?

  3. You and your sisters look so much alike! And you are all such knockouts! I want a house too. Bc of John's job we only rent. One day we'll get to buy. Hopefully before I'm 90!

  4. Pinterest is my go to inspiration to get my craft juices flowing. <3 It is really hard to be away from family; I hope you get to be closer to your sisters. 4- I think its a good want. I haven't ever had anything like that either. 5-yes ma'am indeed. Have a great day.

  5. Love your list - and the new button! Thanks again for hosting this week!

  6. I want a new camera too!! A Canon 60D...and a very, very expensive lens :)

    ~ Lo

  7. I love the surprise party one! How fun!

  8. I definitely would love to be more crafty! Too bad I spend all my time pinning and not doing, haha :D
    I don't think I have ever had a surprise party either.. now I want one!
    Those are all great wants, mine were all rather superficial hah, whoops!

  9. hahahaha. I cracked up when I read "every woman's dream is really to be able to eat anything without getting fat" - oh gosh that's true. ha!
    you are your sisters are gorgeous! I always wanted sisters....guess I will just have lots of babies so I can see how it would've been when I was little, but it'll be my kids. hahaha

  10. Hahahahah I love the first pinterest graphic! so cute! and Oh no :( I hope that you and your sisters can find your way back together! :) XOXOXOX

  11. The first pinterest graphic is so me! My husband used to say that I'm the only person he knew that could watch Food Network all day and never step foot into the kitchen. LOL!

    Thanks for starting this. It's so great to find out about other people.

    Please let me know if you'd like some assistance with five. I can help!


  12. I don't think a surprise party sounds weird!!! Sounds like bucket loads of fun to me!

  13. I want to be more crafty, too. I see all of those neat Pinterest ideas, and I just wish I could do them, too. I am not artsy coordinated at all.

    I think a surprise party sounds fun! :-)

  14. I've never had a surprise party thrown for me but when I threw my husband his surprised 30th I thought he'd get the idea for mine a few months later...nope! So I hope to get one one day too!

  15. I love the ecard on true! I've never had a surprise party either, but I've thrown one and it was very stressful! My friend was mad at us because she thought we'd ditched her on her birthday.

  16. Hey girl! New follower back (: I'm an hour south of Tucson. I'd love to swap sponsorships(buttons) with you if you want! Nice to see another AZ girl.

  17. Pinterest has made us all want to be little crafty ladies--the best way to craft is with a friend. Maybe we should have a craft weekend sometime?!

  18. Hahah oh that some e cards pic is sooo true! SO funny.Thanks for sharing.
    Sylvia @

  19. I am crafty but it seems like forever since i did more than buy craft materials. Also, i'd love a surprise party! Love this list. X

  20. love your blog! im in AZ too!

    new follower :)


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