September 5, 2012

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

Today is the first day of pro football! Unfortunately I will be working during ALL the games this week, but I will be DVRing them!

I have a slight obsession with pro football. It really started from my husband's love of football. I love sharing this passion with my him (although I think I am crazier about it than he is).

So with this being said, I am going to give you a glimpse into the crazy that is me and pro football.

First off let me say that I love Fantasy Football. This will be my 4th year doing it. These have been my team names:

Travis Henry's Kids 
(those of you who understand are AWESOME)

Quality Control
This is because I refuse to put players on my team from the teams I dislike. I wouldn't care if they were supposed to be drafted first. I draft people from teams I like.

Victorious Secret

This year I am in two leagues and have Quality Control as one name. The other league has no girls, so my name is Beat by a Girl. BAM!

So you must be wondering my opinion on all the teams...Well here it is!

Teams that I LOVE
Denver Broncos
Cleveland Browns
Green Bay Packers
Indianapolis Colts

Teams that are OKAY
Baltimore Ravens
Houston Texans
Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vickings
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
Tennessee Titans
New England Patriots
Dallas Cowboys
Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants
Seattle Seahawks
Kansas City Chiefs
St. Louis Rams

Teams that I DO NOT LIKE
Oakland Raiders*
Pittsburgh Steelers*
San Diego Chargers*
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions
New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers*
Jacksonville Jaguars*
New York Jets
Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills
Philadelphia Eagles
Washington Redskins
San Francisco 49ers

*denotes that I will never EVER EVER cheer for them.

And so with that I am excited for this season. Doing fantasy football in a friend's league, my husband's work league, and even trying something new with the Gridiron Challenge with fellow bloggers. If you are interested in joining, learn about it here.

I love reading about you fellow bloggers that love football! 

And please pray that my fantasy teams do well this year, because to be honest, (and don't tell the people in my leagues) I am really not sure how my teams will fare this year. :/


  1. Being a St. Louis girl, I'm a little concerned that the STL Rams didn't make any of your lists :)

  2. Well my hubby's a Broncos fan, and I'm a Skins at least that makes us a neutral team to you huh?? Haha

  3. Oh no, you dislike my team....the one, the only, Chicago Bears! I think I'll still like you anyway, so no worries, haha. ;-)

  4. I love this! And I love all your team names :) I don't know much about the NFL {I'm way more interested in college football} so choosing my team name for the fantasy league was my favorite part! Good luck!!

  5. fill me in on the job!! and thank goodness you can DVR the games i am looking forward to the game starting. need to make sure my fantasy line-up is all set!

  6. My two favorites are in your "Teams I Love" category!!! :) Colts and Broncos - and I HATE the bears!!!!!

  7. WOO HOO! Kansas City Chiefs!!! :)

  8. Yess! Go Brownies!! I too hate the Pittsburgh Steelers, and love the Green Bay Packers; but the Browns are my team -I am from North East Ohio after all.

  9. Woo Hoo!! Let's get ready for some Football!!! Well, my teams made your "ok" list. Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboy's!

  10. All my teams made the "Teams That Are Ok" I'm glad we can still be friends :) The teams you love..well...I won't say the one that on my "Teams I won't Cheer For" list haha. Good luck with your fantasy teams!

  11. Love the name Beat By A Girl! :) I may have to steal that if I ever play fantasy football again. :) Glad that my team is on the okay list.

  12. Now I'm wondering how you came up with your team lists. I was born a Colts fan but am now a converted Bengals fan. We cheer for the Bucs bc we live in Tampa. We will never cheer for the Steelers, Browns, Ravens, or Patriots for obvious reasons :)

  13. Thanks for the shout-out about the blogger group! I'm excited to see how the first week goes :)

    And I'm so glad you WILL NEVER EVER EVERRRRRR Cheer for the Steelers ;)

  14. Hubby and I watched the game last night! We love the Cowboys! But I love Eli Manning! Hehe! (^_^)

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  15. Ha love that you have a team named Beat by a Girl! I hope you kick some fantasy football butt.

  16. Hi Lauren, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  17. LOL -- I think it is awesome that you are passionate about pro football!!! I watch it and love tailgating...but I draw the line at having my own fantasy football team. GO GIRL! :) :) :)

  18. Haha, I am more of an nfl girl than college, but any football is good!

  19. I didn't get into football until my hubby came I love it! The Colts are my team! (I will never EVER cheer for the Steelers either!)

  20. I see football and in England it means something very different. I wish i understood more of this post, but i can feel your passion. Love your team names too. X

  21. So I just stumbled upon your blog and got chills! I am from Tucson and my husband is in the Air Force and we are now in New Mexico! I just thought that was crazy! I don't think I have found another blogger that lives in Tucson!!

  22. uh oh,you love the packers but don't like bears! at least the bears are not a team you will never ever ever cheer for lol

    good thing i am not a huge football fan or i just might be offended as a chicago girl :)


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