September 29, 2012

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Support Efforts

I am continuing my posts on Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. In honor of my baby sister Ellie and all children who have had to fight, have fought cancer, or sadly will have to fight cancer.

There are many ways we can lend a hand in support. If we could pass these posts or messages on, that would be great. 

Here are two SIMPLE ways that I help support the efforts.

First: Buy a Hyundai! Or support their efforts.

Second: Support the Ronald McDonald House.

Backstory: Where my sister received treatment was in a city three hours away from where we lived. The Ronald McDonald house was a lifesaver for my family so that we could stay close while my sister was receiving treatment.

I save all pop tabs for the RMHC. Here is more info about it! I also donate all the travel sized shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps, them. The last thing a family has the time to think of between chemo treatments and being far from home is shampoo...

Missed the original post? What about this post?

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Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

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  1. The Ronald McDonald House sounds like an excellent cause. Thanks for sharing.


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