September 17, 2012

How to Have an Amazing Date (Cheap!)

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered. I had it off work! Saturday I got my laundry done, went grocery shopping, ran, and went on a date!

Let me just say this. It was one of the best dates that I have ever had. And it was on a budget, spontaneous, and perfect!

First, I took Kevin to the grocery store. This is how that ended.

16 oz cans in six packs for $1! Wow!

Then I decided I was feeling really tired. Kevin said well let me make dinner for you tonight.

He made the most amazing lasagna. It was funny, I offered to let him look over my Pinterest, but he decided to search recipes online. He found an amazing recipe by the original food blogger herself.

And this really is the best lasagna recipe. Especially when it is made with TLC by your loving husband.

Then he made me a kiwi daiquiri! Wow that was yummy!
(I'll share the recipe soon)
Then he let me choose any movie I wanted! Woo hoo!
I chose How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.
I was in the mood for some humor!

Then, let me back up so you understand, I had went on a run before dinner and was feeling pretty nasty. (I realized this right as we were starting the movie) So Kevin lit some candles in the bathroom and let me take a nice, soothing shower.

Then after finishing the movie we went to sleep. (yes really)

But that was the perfect night I needed with my husband and the perfect night for me to unwind and be taken care of.

So all it really cost us was nothing!

Minus the electricity for the TV and the cost of the food, but as for the made so much that now I don't have to worry about Kevin for dinner (since I work evenings)

Didn't even have to pay gas to go somewhere!

So my advice, try an awesome date night in.
What are some of your favorite things to do with your significant other?

As for football on My fantasy team did not show up.
Here are my letters to them:

Dear Wes Welker, Joe Flacco, and Jordy Nelson (and my defenses and kickers)...thanks for not showing up to work. This week...or last.

Dear Ben Tate, I am sorry I sat you on my bench. Please forgive me.

Dear Fantasy Team(s) (Yes I have two), Sorry we lost this week. Let's get them next week!

Dear Browns, Good try.

Dear Broncos, Good luck tonight! Wish I was able to watch you! Show ATL how it is done!!

How did your NFL team do this weekend?
How did your fantasy team do?


  1. Aw, what fun! I saw the green drink on Igram and was wondering what that was!! Yum!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful date night. I sometimes prefer the nights where we don't go anywhere, make dinner at home, and snuggle in for a nice movie. So relaxing, and good on the wallet! :-) Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. how did you get all those drinks for $1?!?! haha. and sounds like a very nice date with the hubs!

  4. sounds like a wonderful evening...glad you were able to relax and unwind a bit! that's so sweet of your hubby to make dinner...i can't even imagine what would happen if TJ attempted to make lasagna. i'm sure it wouldn't end well! :)

  5. Yay, you love Pioneer woman! She's my hero and what's this kiwi daquiri recipe, that sounds amazing! I was just reading another blog (5ohwifey) about her hubby taking care of her this weekend, must have been a weekend for being wonderful! Sounds like a great weekend :)

  6. That sounds like a wonderful date night. Looks like I'm going to need to show hubs this post to give him some ideas ;)

  7. Sometimes? The cheap dates are the best dates. I LOVE pioneer woman and use her meals often! That's so sweet that the hubs made you dinner.

    As for football.. I won fantasy football last week. This week? Notsomuch. And my Giants won, but last week we lost. So, it evens out? Ha.


  8. This sounds super fun. Your hubby is so cute!

  9. fantasy i did a bit better this weekend after loosing miserably last weekend. and your husband is pretty awesome making dinner, letting you pick the movie and a kiwi daiquiri which i need the recipe for by the way

  10. Oh how I wish my sig other would do that...and plan date nights!! He use to but now leaves it all up to me! :/

  11. We're trying to save some money, so I am all for cheap dates. :) We love nothing more than grilling together- we do that every Sunday- and then watching a movie with some popcorn. :)

  12. Such a fun weekend! We had lasagna this weekend too...but I might have to try PW's recipe. Glad Kev took such great care of you :)

  13. You are a girl after my own heart. I love a cheap date night in. More importantly I think we need a whole post on how you scored Mountain Dew for soooo cheap.

  14. Date nights are great and even more when they cook for you. All that soda for $1, you can't beat that. Sounds like you had a nice weekend off.

  15. I want to do a fantasy team with all blogger girls next season! So fun! :) And this is without a doubt an absolutely perfect date. I would take that date ANY night!

  16. What a great catch you have! Nice to meet you BTW!

  17. Sounds like a perfect night in....wish i could do that, it's a bit hard when you have the atlantic ocean in between :( xx

    1. Yeah :-/ That is tough! At most throughout mine and Kevin's relationship we had states in between us...what you got is tough!


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