October 9, 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 2 Songs

These challenges have been amazing! 

I love music and this was the hardest one for me to do. There are soooo many good songs! I need more direction on where to go with the songs! 

So I drew randomly out of my brain on what direction to with these two songs: would they be two songs you have never heard of--but need to, two classic songs, two rock songs, two country songs, two guilty pleasures...yeah you get the picture? 

So I drew two songs I have on repeat right now. I kinda surprised myself on this one.
Chris Brown--Don't Wake Me Up Yeah I think it is super catchy!

Hedley--Kiss You Inside Out Super cute song. I love it

So many honorable mentions I won't even list them.

Any other songs you wanna know about? Guilty pleasures, a fave song in a specific genre? I got the answer to those questions ALL DAY baby!
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  1. Ok...this was really weird. I was just singing that Chris Brown song in the shower. I have no idea why because I haven't heard it in forever. Possibly because I had just woken up and had thought that I didn't want to wake up. Then, I get on here and that's your first song pick. :)

  2. All day baby...love that, same here. Music is just so wonderful. Wow, I am so excited normally I have to submit my link 2 times or more and today it only took 1 time....sign of a good day.

  3. I hear ya, picking just two songs was hard!

  4. Whats the most embarrasing song you secretly love?! :)
    Sarah xox

  5. I'm just like you- I could go on about music for days!

  6. luv that chris brown song, esp when it goes up-up-up-up-up near the end .. goose bumps everytimes

  7. I had a hard time choosing, too! There's just so many! I can't believe the link up is almost over :(

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE your picks!

  9. This was the hardest challenge yet!
    remember when everyone was scared to like chris brown cause of rihanna?
    great choices.

  10. I really like your second song, I've never heard it before.
    I think I'm going to try and do the 10 day challenge too :)

  11. Never heard that Hedley song before but I like it! Great picks!


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