October 3, 2012

15 Reasons We Loved Summer 2012

Summer has actually never been one of my favorite seasons, but here is what I loved about this summer.


15 reasons we loved summer 2012

1. getting married & honeymooning in bahamas
2. the london olympics
3. living together our first summer married
4. waffles
5. sparklers
6. my own fun kitchen stuffs
7. visits/visiting family
8. lightning shows
9. no sunburns
10. evening walks
11. that we got through it
12. finding friends
13. finding restaurants
14. finding a job (for me)
15. starting our marriage just the two of us in arizona

I'm linking up here and breaking the rules. But it still feels like summer here (still triple digits) and I am no photographer and just really impressed with these photos I managed to take. (these are as close as I get...don't all rush to pat me on the back all at once!) haha!

And to see if people ever make it to the bottom of my posts, I am playing a little game. 
The name of the game is the Pay it Forward Game. The first three people to comment on this with their email and their favorite thing about this summer will get a special treat. The catch? You have to be willing to play along. Share the love on your blog by promising a little something to the first three people who comment on your post. You get 72 hours to do this (repost, you can have however long you like to send prizes) or I'll move on to the next commenter. Please only comment with your email if you're willing to pay it forward! (other comments totally welcomed :P)


  1. Cute post girl! My favorite thing about this summer is the olympics - I loved every minute of them! :) morefrommeg@gmail.com

  2. Your summer looks like it was amazing!

  3. well the summer you got married would do it :) living together once you're married is so fun :) and I am impressed you did no sunburns! I just posted the same thing on my blog about the pay it forward...it that counts then my favorite thing about summer is the long hours of daylight and warm summer nights :) they make for lots more time for fun! emearnshaw@gmail.com

  4. Look like Summer of 2012 was a good one for you guys!! Fun game!

  5. So fun! And "making it thru it" always a PLUS! Way to go!


  6. The Bahamas??!! So fun!! That's one of my favorite places to vacation. Where did you guys stay?

    Sounds like you had a fantastic summer (and may you have a wonderful fall!)

  7. Your summer sounds like it was a blast!

    And lol! Rule breaker! Love the first shot, and don't worry, I detect some orangey color in there. Hehe :) Thanks for linking up! :)

  8. Sounds like you had an amazing summer. Jealous of your trip to the Bahamas!! :-)

  9. i feel you on the triple digit temps too, ugh!! definitely a great summer to remember for sure lauren. hows the job been?

  10. Sounds like you had a pretty awesome summer!!

  11. Girl you had an awesome summer!! The Bahamas?!? So jealous.

  12. Love this list. Now i need to know why waffles were so special?

  13. All good reasons to love summer! Even though I seriously envy you your triple-digits temperatures. We are far away from that here!

  14. You just got married this year? I didn't know that!

  15. Just found you via the blog hop:) I think this is my second one. Anyways, I love your photos - you did a great job with a pop of color. Also, what an amazing summer! Marriage, Olympics, job move, etc - I am impressed with all the great change!


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