October 8, 2012

5 Things That Won't Happen This Year

I worked all weekend, Kevin is leaving me for his first work trip for a couple days, Denver lost, and its Monday. Sorry for the kinda pessimistic post. And yes I know a lot of you guys have your husbands away for longer and more often, but I am a kinda spoiled and already don't like it.

So with that said, here are 5 things that I realized aren't going to happen for me this year.

1. Becoming a domestic chef is not in the cards for me in 2012. Cooking for two is kinda a pain and as much as I dream about cooking up gourmet healthy meals every night, the thought of slaving in the kitchen isn't appealing to me. Oh plus I work evenings so making dinner for Kevin is a hard thing. I need some recipes that I can make, freeze, thaw, and that he can heat up. Any ideas? The easier the better I say!

2. I love the new house we bought, but apparently people don't do hardwood floors often in the desert. I will have to wait for my future dream home for those!
3. I love being involved in charities but getting involved in a new city can be hard. Looks like I have missed the time for the charities I wanna do here, but I will start next year!!

4. Getting all cute and pinterest-y is not in the cards as well. I will be between houses and heck I work Halloween and I am sure a couple of other holidays. All those cute wreaths and pumpkins and trees and other decor will have to wait for next year. 

5. Buying all the beautiful fashion clothes that I want. (uh yeah, what was my last post about?!) Most of my money is going to that house that I bought :-) and then the rest is going to scrubs! Those are more expensive then you would think! 

6. Oh wait I said 5. OH WELL. I won't be getting a puppy. As much as I love commenting all the time that I want a puppy, it wouldn't be fair for him or her. Maybe next year!

What won't happen for you this year?


  1. i don't cook, but i secretly want to learn ;)
    but that thing won't happen this year too.

  2. Its so easy sometimes to set too many goals, and then you feel guilty when you can't follow through, I totally get it! Thats why I limit my time on Pinterest-- its hard, planning this wedding & realizing I need to keep a budget.

    Yay for a new house/city! Where abouts are you now? :)

  3. I think we all feel like this from time to time. Owning a house is a lot of work (and money!) so I feel your pain.

    I, too, will miss out on buying up those fancy trendy clothes....maybe next year for me as well. ;-)

  4. That's alright!! You're busy...you'll get to it next year!!! (but you have to at least do one pinteresty thing for the holidays) :-)

  5. Have you tried using a crock-pot? It's great for meals and especially great for this time of year.

  6. There is always next year, or the year after that! :) owning a house is great but it sure does seem to take up all your extra time and money. And you def need to use a crockpot, saves a lot of time and hassle!

  7. haha--cooking has never been a problem for me. It's not that I like to cook--I guess cooking for the two of us seems so easy after cooking for my family of nine! :P Plus, when I'm at school and Angel's not working, since he only works 3 12 hr. days a week, I just have him cook. The only things he cooks are hamburgers, quesadillas, and chicken curry, but that's fine with me. Those are all easy meals too, 'even a husband can cook them'.
    (I know some guys cook, and cook very well. It just seems like the majority of husbands out there like to pretend that they can't cook.)
    I'm also realizing that I can't do nearly as many crafts and sewing projects as I'd like to with 40 hrs. of school taking up my life every week. :( Such is life!

  8. I feel the same way!
    There are all these things I want to do NOW, but I am just realizing will have to just come with time..
    One is expanding my wardrobe for sure ;(

  9. I have been spoiled by lots of stuff with my husband and with this new job, I don't get to see him that much anymore and I'm not happy with that either. It stinks!

  10. Oh no, sorry to read that you aren't getting a puppy. I can't live without my fur children!

  11. I think a house is a way better purchase then fashion :) Hmm, I won't be buying a house, I won't be getting a puppy, I won't be lazy!!

  12. You can still expand the wardrobe, look for tutorials of DIY versions, I buy ALL of my clothes at yard sales and thrift stores and alter them to copy current fashions. It's fun! xD
    Cooking is hard for me too, but I've got kiddos now so its getting easier. Luckily they aren't very picky!
    A good tip: invest in a slow cooker. Especially through the winter for soups, that's my fave thing on cold wintery evenings :)


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