October 11, 2012

Simple Pleasures

You know those little things in life that just make your whole day better. Yeah I love those. There is nothing like:

1. Having the car door closed for you
2. A fortune cookie with the perfect message
3. A spritz of perfume
4. Being missed by someone
5. The perfect song at the perfect time
6. Chocolate and peanut butter
7. Comfortable silence
8. When someone's eyes widen in excitement
9. First impressions
10. The start of fall

made @ aplaceforart

What are simple ways to make you happy?


  1. Awesome post! The start of fall is definitely one for me. Listening to my son 'jibber-jabber' and laugh to himself is also a simple thing, but it makes me all warm and cozy on the inside. :-)

  2. Those are all wonderful things :)
    Surprise kisses from my son, receiving packages in the mail, out-of-the-blue compliments too.

  3. I love this! I'll add getting a random greeting card from a loved one. No one sends cards anymore!

    1. I do! I was raised in a family who loves greeting cards. I get them from my grandma! Come to think of it..I will send her one soon. Thanks!

  4. I love getting snail mail from my best friend, when my hubby surprises me with my favorite candy and morning snuggles with my little man.

  5. love this! I enjoy fresh clean sheets, ice cream on a hot summer day, hot chocolate on a cold winter evening, and seeing joy on others' faces.

  6. Love that quote... it's the simple things! :)

  7. Writing - or receiving - a handwritten letter.

  8. I like getting random pieces of mail. I try to still send out bday cards instead of FB messages and text messages because I like to recieve them.

  9. I love this. It's always neat to recognize all the sweet things that just make your day, there are more than we first think :) Great post!

  10. I love this whole list! I especially like #4, 7 and 10!!!


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