October 1, 2012

Weekend Update

Thank you to everyone who read and spread the word about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month! I have one more post on it, but you have to go over to Mary's blog to read it (and all of her other posts, as I am sure you will fall in love with her!)

Other than that, I went home to visit my family this weekend. Kevin and I told no one we were going home just so that we could spend the time with just our family. My sister turned 21, my mom turned.....25 ;-), and Kevin's grandparents were down visiting from Colorado. It was much too short a visit.

I painted my nails, and then shot my old 22. Yeah I know how to handle myself!
Broncos won! YAY! I won in my fantasy leagues! YAY! Now I have to work today...eh!

What did you guys do this weekend?!


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and love it! I'm your newest follower. I just started a blog, hope you'll stop by for a visit!

    As for what I did this weekend, well it was nice here too so my husband and I spent a lot of time outside hiking, playing tennis, ya know...


    1. Congrats on starting your own blog! Did you know you are a no reply blogger? I did a post on how to fix that if you wanted. Therefore I and other bloggers could respond to you via email. http://www.lifelovelauren.com/2012/08/blog-lessons.html

      I wish I could be spending time outside. It is still too hot here!!

  2. That cake is too cute! I use an app called PicFrame to collage my photos

  3. I am sorry, I didn't get a chance to get on this weekend. I really wanted to be a part of the spreading the word about Childhood Cancer Awareness. I am going ot head over and read Mary's blog in a moment. Looks like ya'll had a nice visit. You can collage 2 ways that I have found now since photobucket apparently stopped giving that option.

    1. You can go to picmonkey.com and click on edit photo; upload a image; click overlays and grab the rectangle/square and turn it white and stretch it over the size of your photo; merge and save. Then you will have a basic white square to create collages in the future. Now to make a collage Go to edit photo; pick overlays and choose your own; size and place and that's that.

    2. Photoscape- Click on editor; click on the image you want or simply resize to the size you want your collage; go to object click rectangle/square in white and stretch over your photo. Then you can save it as "White Blank" or something like that. Open the saved blank and go to object; picture and insert your photos. This one is the easiest for me to use.

    I don't have any fancy photoediting so these are the free ones I have used. Good luck and hope that helps.

  4. Honestly that cake? Needs to find it's way to my desk, like pronto!


  5. I use picmonkey.com to collage photos. It's free, you don't even have to register, and it's super easy.

    I love that picture of the American Flag!

  6. Collage your images on picmonkey! easy peasy!

  7. I want a birthday cake just like that with a shot glass on it for my 21st! cute!

  8. InstaCollage too! ...Happy 25th to your mom ;) And 21 to your sis!

  9. Happy 21 to your sister and of course, the big 2-5 to your mom! :p

    Glad you had a great weekend! And I LOVE the ecard hehe. Those things kill me.

  10. I love that cake! It makes me laugh everytime I see it :)

  11. How fun is this?! And the ecard is hilarious..so true!! And if you're looking to make a photo collage, I use the free photo editor Picasa. It's pretty phenomenal :)

  12. That cake is way too funny!
    I use picmonkey.com for all my photo editing/collage needs :D
    Love the e-card!

  13. When the pic of the cake popped up in my reader I couldn't help but laugh. Looks like you had fun at home.

  14. LOVE that cake haha! :) Sounds like a great weekend!



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