November 29, 2012

Black Friday Bowling

While up in Colorado we went bowling. Yeah family bowling day. I never bowled really until I met Kevin. My family didn't ever all pile in the car to go bowling. I don't blame my family. I mean, the thought of putting our feet into shoes that 24790325 dirty people have warn and sticking our fingers into a ball with the same problem wasn't that appealing. 

Oh and did I mention that the bowling alley in my hometown growing up was home to the biggest mass shooting my town has seen. Sadly, the murder of 7 people execution style 22 years ago has never been solved.

Wow what a debbie downer I sound like. But seriously. Kevin came around, took me bowling with friends and I had the occasional fun. So we went bowling with his family!

I have a major problem however when bowling. 

My thumbs are really short and stout.

Therefore, when I have a ball, I have to get the heaviest one that I can carry and I end up getting my thumb stuck when I let go of the ball a lot.

Yeah I really shouldn't bowl. Thankfully the worst of my damage this trip was a broken thumb nail. UGH.

Here are the girls at the bowling alley!

Do you like bowling?


  1. I like bowling, but we rarely go. I have the same problem you have with the thumbs. I am always super sore afterwards.

  2. We go bowling every new years, this year we are changing it up and throwing a party.. BUUUT its so much fun. Caleb used to be in a bowling league with his dad and brothers, they are all SO good! Glad you had fun, your poor thumbs!

  3. I love bowling, I was actually in a league as a kid, oooo :-)

  4. My boyfriend and I joined a league. We suck but we have so much fun together!

  5. I LOVE bowling!!! :) I actually got my own bowling shoes for Christmas last year... haha nerd alert!!

  6. Where in Colorado did you guys go? Colorado is my 2nd home, I grew up going there once or twice a year for skiing (in Summit County at Copper Mtn) and then again in summers all over. My sister just graduated from UNC Greeley and we're headed there in January to ski Keystone. Needless to say I LOVE Colorado!

  7. That murder case has never been solved? What in the world? That's giving me gross chills right now.

    I'm a terrible bowler. I used to love it, but once I got older the germophobe in me took over :-) I need to get over it, bring out the anti bac, and go for it!

  8. I love bowling! mainly because most of the time i am lucky and get a few strikes although i think i may have gone to that dodgy bowling alley you mentioned and i did terrible! I blame the balls...not like our english ones haha Now i want to go bowling! xx

  9. Bowling is probably my favorite group activity out there, but holy...scary that that case was never solved! Bowling should be fun, not a death sentence!

  10. i love bowling but my husband isn't a big fan so i can never really convince him to go with me and a group of friends. and the mass killing hasn't been solved, wow!


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