November 15, 2012

In-N-Out Secret Menu

I am about to share some secrets. I am hoping these secrets entice some of you amazing bloggers to come visit me in Arizona.

Ever heard of In-N-Out Burger?
Of course you have.

Well I am about to give away the best kept ordering secrets for In-N-Out Burger.

Here goes:

There four food items on the In-N-Out menu: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double-Double and French Fries. You can also order a coke and/or three types of shakes: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

But there is so much more than meets the eye. That is not the whole menu. There is a secret menu.

This is not something made up. These items will actually print out on your receipt.

The most known secret menu item is "Animal Style". This adds extra pickles, cheese, spread and grilled onions diced up and mixed together on the grill before getting dumped on your burger. (or fries if you wish) Most people also know that you can indeed order a grilled cheese. (Why?!?)
In-n-Out: Animal Style Fries
animal style fries

A “2×4″ is a burger with two beef patties and four slices of cheese. You can also order a “3×3,” a “4×2″, etc... I am not for sure on this, but I believe In-N-Out's policy has it as a 4×4 the largest you can get.

Low carbing it? Try either the Flying Dutchman (two beef patties and two pieces of cheese. nothing else) or Protein Style---my favorite (burger wrapped in lettuce instead of the bun).
In-n-Out: 2X4 Protein Style
protein style

You can also order cheese fries, your burger cut in half, extra any vegetable, extra sauce, and you can also order a Neapolitan!

Yep, can't decide on what shake to get? Common problem for me...order em all by saying you want a Neapolitan shake!

You can also do a root beer float or a choco-vanilla swirl.

This is what I know to be true. There could be more secret items, but if I don't know they exist for real, I won't share it. Nothing could possibly be more embarrassing than ordering something not on the menu.

Another nice thing about In-N-Out (that I am not positive is true, but won't hurt your ordering experience) is that they pay their employees better than min wage. Which is why you get such friendly, nice, and smarter people.

So who is on their way to AZ to visit me?!


  1. I wish we had In-N-Out in Seattle! I will have to remember those tricks for the next time I am in California or Arizona!

  2. I'm not a burger fan whatsoever but I think I'd visit the establishment just to say I've been there because it is that popular :)

  3.'re making me hungry and also making me want to come to AZ too! :)

  4. I got so excited when In-N-Out came to Dallas, but we moved before they actually opened. Now, I make it a point to stop every time I drive through Dallas so I can get a yummy burger :)

  5. We have IN N OUT in CA and its my fav!

  6. OMG... I didn't know there was an In-N-Out in Arizona!!!!

    We are moving to Arizona in a coupel of months from Florida and that will probably be the first thing I eat :)

    XO Lourdes

  7. Yes!! Everyone come to AZ and we'll have a big 'ol partay at In-And-Out!

  8. I'm there! Never been to In-And-Out! AND a i have a flight to el paso i'm not using for december! sounds like the perfect opportunity! hehe xx

  9. That is one thing I miss about living in AZ!! I spent more money at the one in Chandler than I care to admit. I never knew the secret menu lingo, though. I guess I was just not cool enough at the time to be filled in.

  10. YUM! I wish we had one of those in VA!

  11. I love the in n out secret menu! I always order my burger protein style, then I can eat all my fries!

  12. I love In and Out! I don't eat there much, but maybe now that I can get the low carb burger I might! =)


  13. Definitely wish we had a "In-n-Out" in WI :( I'm dying to try some of their food.

    Thanks for linking up with us for "Blog-Working Wednesday". Following your blog.

  14. I love animal style! I had no idea I could get my burger cut in half! Oh and grilled cheeses are perfect for the kiddos!

  15. i haven't ever had in n out... wish we had it in georgia!

  16. Ah! I love In-N-Out! :) I now want to come and visit.


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