November 20, 2012

Tuesday Topics: Describe Your Perfect Day

My perfect day. This is so hard!
haha who came up with this?! ;-)

I have had my wedding day which was pretty dang close to perfect!

One day I will get to doing a recap of my wedding.

But as for a future perfect day, I would hope to one day go to a Bronco's game with Kevin. That sounds pretty perfect.

Afterwards, a couple glasses of wine, a mani, pedi, and massage. 
And basically, any day is perfect with Kevin, family, and friends is perfect.
Next week's topic is: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Have a great day everyone!
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  1. That's so funny you mention football.. great minds think alike!! I think watching your favorite team win would be awesome.. too bad for us we stink this year! Thanks for hosting! I can't wait for next week!

  2. awwww what a beautiful wedding photo! XO Thanks for hosting! I love your link upS!

  3. Looks like your wedding day was absolutely beautiful. :-)

  4. Beautiful wedding picture! I love going to pro football games! That would be a perfect day!

  5. Go Broncos! I love that picture at your wedding. The scenery is gorgeous, and the couple too!

  6. My husband and I got married on May 26, 2006. Just stopping by to say Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Your wedding looks gorgeous!

    My perfect day would be any day that I just got to hang out at home with Inspector Climate, cooking and gardening, and spending time together.

  8. Would love to hear the story of your wedding! Looks like you had a gorgeous setting...and amazing gown!


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