November 12, 2012

Weekend Update

My weekend was awesome to say the least! I had Saturday and Sunday off and was able to get a lot done with my family here! My house is shaping up to the image I had in a home! I am so excited! I know I have been a tease about saying I will share my progress, but I have to say it one more time. Get ready for a post about the house on WEDNESDAY! woot woot!

Okay fine, here is a sneak peak of me all painty

I got to start my weekend off right with a blogger meetup on Friday! I could have sat there for an endless amount of hours with these girls talking (but unfortunately I had to rush to work).
I will have to post more on that later...

I also got to eat In-N-Out burger with my family this weekend. Gotta love it! I gotta post all about that later this week too!

Don't forget to link up tomorrow for Tuesday Topics! Tomorrow's is my favorite ever! All about blogging! So looking forward to it! 

Here are the questions we are all answering:

Why did you start blogging?
What's something your readers know about you?
What can't you live without? 
What inspires your blog posts? 
What do you do when you feel uncreative? 
How has blogging changed you?
What advice do you have for new bloggers?
What blogs inspire you? 

See you tomorrow! <3


  1. Your weekend looks a lot like mine!

  2. Aren't you all cute doing the paint thing! :)

  3. Cute pic of you painting!! We painted Mia's bedroom and it was fun but had no idea how involved it can be! Ha! And I love in-n-out! Now I'm craving it!

  4. How cute are you?! ;) Now come help me paint my house, lol!!

  5. Lauren you look beautiful even covered in paint!

  6. Yeah i second look great! You're not meant to when painting! You also have great hair! :) xx

  7. I love the paint color! I can't wait to see more :)

  8. Can't wait to link up tomorrow! :) and also SO can't wait to see your house updates!! Cute pic girl ;)

  9. Burgers sound so good! lol. Happy Monday! xoxo

  10. This is how you look while painting! You look great!

  11. totally bummed I missed the link up this week but moving is a pain in the butt and takes up a lot of time ( already know that! hahaha) anyways, I've been looking forward to seeing a house post since you posted that you bought a house! haha. I am probably the most excited. haha. and that's soooo stinkin cool that y'all met up on a blate! I want to do that so bad....ONE DAY though. haha

  12. Totally jealous of your in n out... I moved from San Diego a few years ago and I miss it so bad!! Haha, so silly.


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