November 8, 2012

Yay! and Nay.


My family is coming this weekend. I miss them lots!
I am excited to turn my new house around! (I really do promise to have updates soon!)

I have gotten my butt up to try and run a couple mornings this week!
I have a blate tomorrow with two amazing ladies!

I get Thanksgiving off work!

Kevin is getting a work award in December!
Made here!


My car is being funny. Only when I am around. Not when Kevin is around.
I want to go shopping for new clothes, but I spend all my time in scrubs. (And want more of them too...)

Last night I had a discharge, a fall, an emergency transport to the ER (after doing everything I could), a pissed off rude patient, and a lot of patients. Hopefully tonight is better.

I haven't yet made Kevin dinner or ran. Going and doing both after this post.
My meatloaf tonight. Recipe later.

I need a better work out plan. And meal plan.

Okay, those are my thoughts for today! 
Have a good day loves!


  1. Bahahah! Oh my goodness the trail mix picture cracked me up.. I'm trying to get better about sweets, but I love me some candy, lol!

    Yay for blates, that is fun! I have yet to go on one!!

  2. Ick, I like the yay's better. Hope the car is okay! And one tip, don't do what the FB person recommended! That has to be fake, right? Lol.

    Also, yucky about the shift... I hope your next one is better. But so glad you don't have to work Thanksgiving! :)

    Have an awesome time with your family! :)

  3. Love the trail mix picture.. and I've seen that picture on pinterest, wish I looked that hot when I went running! Ha!!

    Can't wait to see the updates on your house :)

  4. That is my kind of trail mix! hahahaha I want to look like that girl when I run.Maybe if I run from now until Christmas and do not stop to eat or sleep, it may happen LOL. Good plan right?

  5. I definitely like the yay's a lot more than the nay's.. but the car problem status had be busting up laughing!! Same with the trail mix (:
    Have a wonderful time with your family!! (:

  6. Boo for the nays, and YAY for the that even make sense?

    Have a great time with your family!! :-)

  7. The eCard on nursing is going to my sisters in a few seconds. And kudos on the running - Sadly, motivation for me doesn't usually kick in until evening!

  8. LOL. My husband is on the same meal plan. :)

  9. LOVE the trial mix, that is great!

  10. I love all your yays! And sorry about your nays :( Have a great weekend!!

  11. Yay for family visits!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend with them! :)

  12. There is nothing better than family coming to visit. My mama only lives 2 hours away, but she's coming this weekend and I am ridiculously excited. And- i love that picture you found of the all-m&m trail mix. It sounds right up my alley. :)
    Have fun with your family!


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