December 13, 2012

I'm Boring

I feel like my life is really boring right now because all I really do is work, sleep, and work on my new home. So really I just want to hear about all of the fun things you all are doing so i can live vicariously through you.

Here are some randoms about life right now.

I want to be moved into my house with everything done. It will be easier for me to get back into the groove of cooking (I hope).

Next year when I am more settled I will do all this exciting Christmas decorating you are all doing. 

I am currently obsessed with this song.
and this song.
SO good. 

I haven't completed Christmas shopping AT ALL.

Please tell me the fun things you are getting to do.
Listening to christmas music?
Decorating? Shopping? I want to know.


  1. Hi boo!

    I'm slaving away in preparation for my family's arrival on Wednesday - hosting my first Christmas with Ryan is CARZY!! I've spent days planning menus, buying stocking stuffers, pinteresting...soooo fun lol

    And influenster: you need to leave reviews and answer product questions so they will consider you for product boxes in the future!


  2. I am an influenster as well and you do answer the questions and reviews. You also become master badge earner and they will qualify you for that too. Check out BzzAgent also!

  3. Moving into a new home is exciting though!! Definitely not boring :) Something exciting in my life-- just sent out our save the dates yesterday, FINALLY! :)

  4. You are not boring girlfriend! A new house is a TON of work and definitely exciting! I feel like I go through phases though where I feel like all I do is work and have NOTHING to blog about! It happens. It's life :)

    I'm excited because I get to take my last vacation day for the year tomorrow and I'm getting a fresh haircut & hanging with my mom :)

  5. I hear ya! Work and sleep has been my life lately!!

  6. Sadly I think this is just part of growing up. Wait until you add kids to the mix.....super lame Friday nights

  7. You aren't boring! I am so looking forward to having a house within the next year and being able to do all the things you are doing now! I've been busy planning my wedding :) Hopefully things will slow down for you with work.


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