December 21, 2012


Today...I am off to New Mexico to spend this weekend with mine and Kevin's families. Since I work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we are going to spend it up there early. Wanna keep tabs on me? Follow me on Instagram: lifelovelauren7!

Today...I am packing my loot in the car for all my family. I love picking presents for people and I think I did a great job this year...if I do say so myself!
Today...I hope you guys all link up on Tuesday and post one picture! Mine will be my Christmas card picture :-)
10 Day Challenge Link Up

Today...I ask you fellow bloggers...should I get a twitter?


(that user name is available!)

Today...I hope you all have a great day!

:) by Lee-Ann D


  1. I was reluctant to get a Twitter account at first, but I think it's worth it. I follow a lot more people on Twitter than I do on GFC. That way...I can still see their posts, but it doesn't clog my Blogger home page. It's also a way to communicate with people in real time and you can get the word out about your stuff a lot more. Just my opinion...

    Have a great trip and enjoy time with family!

  2. I agree with Megan's comment about twitter. P.S I'm going to go follow you on instagram now :) Wishing you a great time with your fam.

  3. Of course you should get a twitter!! I love that twitter handle :)

  4. Yes! I've been waiting forever for you to get a twitter :)

  5. I've never personally used Twitter so I have no opinion on that one but I just requested you on Instagram :) are you on Pinterest too??? I've been so obsessed with those 2 lately that I've barely been on Blogger! But I'm catching up :D


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