December 18, 2012

Tuesday Topics: 7 Traditions

The holidays bring out the wonderful traditions that we share with our loved ones.
That is what I love most about this time of year!

Here are 7 of my favorite traditions:

Christmas Eve Apps:
My mom makes the most wonderful appetizers and makes all the favorites for Christmas Eve. There is so much that this serves as our dinner. Hot Spinach and Artichoke dip, Crabbies, and Hankie Pankies to name a few! We sit around the TV with them and watch a Christmas movie. Love! (This happens after Christmas Eve Mass and I love it!)

Christmas Light Looking
When I was a kid we had a family friend with two kids and my family and we would pile into a suburban and drive around looking at Christmas lights. So fun! We would end the night with dinner at a local Mexican place called Roberto's. So good! We have all moved and grown and stopped the tradition, but this year I still looked at Christmas lights (read the craziness here) with my family.

Real Christmas Trees
Here is a tradition that I will have to decide whether I continue or not. I have never had a fake Christmas tree. My mom has always got a real Christmas tree that is 10 feet tall with beautiful white lights and sparkly ornaments since I was little. It makes Christmas for me. I love my mom's trees. This year Kevin and I don't have a tree because we are between houses, but next year will we go fake (read easy) or real...we shall see.
My parent's tree with all the presents under it!

Christmas Picture
I love taking the Christmas picture, because it is the one time I am guaranteed a picture with my two hottie sistas. Plus I swear my mom invented the Christmas lie.
Circa we all look so young! Crazy!

Okay those are some of my favorite traditions around the holidays, but I can't leave out my other favorite traditions:

Friday Night Monster Movies
When I was little my dad and I would let me (and sometimes my sister) pick out a monster movie and we would watch one every Friday night. I am talking Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Mummy, The Invisable Man...a la Bela Lugosi. I loved that time with Dad.

For some reason Tess looks scared out of her mind and I look sad...

The Easter Egg Hunt
Yeah my mom and dad still send my sisters and I on an Easter egg hunt. I score a piece of chocolate per egg found and there is a large pink egg that is always hidden REALLY well with money inside of it. Fun fun!

Birthday Dinner
My family has never been the family to go out to dinner, so my mom makes birthdays special by letting us pick the menu of our favorite foods on our birthdays.

And I am at 7 already! What are some traditions you and your family has? I am sure in the coming years Kevin and I will create some of our own traditions as a family and I cannot wait. :-)
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  1. Those all are great traditions! Christmas is such a fun time of the year :D
    That's awesome you still go on Easter egg hunts! We have a giant golden egg that always has money in it.

  2. Lol love that your mom invented the Christmas pic!

  3. Those all sound like wonderful traditions!

  4. This is a cute link up! I think I'll have to join in next week! Looks like a lot of great traditions.


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