December 10, 2012

Weekend Update

Every time I write weekend update, I think of SNL. And yes my weekend was busy enough to where I still have the past two SNLs on there.

But busy is good!

Friday I was blessed with being called off from work. I think I really needed that. I was able to get some organizing done, go on a run, etc.

Then Friday night I became the worst blogger in history. Why you ask? I finally got myself all done up and really didn't take any pictures of it. I blame the fanciness of it and the open bar. We went to my Kevin's award ceremony! He was recognized for being a great young new employee. So proud of him!

Saturday my whole family came over to help us continue to improve on our house. I continued to paint with my mom. Boy that is a job! I promise when I feel like I am in one house and a little more settled I will do posts home improvement projects. :-)

Wanna hear a scary idyllic story gone wrong?

Well you have no choice. :-)
I told my whole family: mom, dad, two little sisters, and husband...Hey! Come on a walk with me around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights!

They said okay and most of them wish that they said no.

We walked and ooohhed and awwed over some of the beautiful lights on a clear beautiful Arizona night.

We stopped in front of this one house to look at seriously the biggest Christmas lights you have ever seen. Almost as big as my head strung to a tree. I still want to know where these people got them. Across the street was another beautifully decorated house. All of a sudden, my sister says: what is that? We look, we squint in the night and realize that it is a pack of Javelinas. 

This is a Javelina:

And it's baby. Javelina are good to eat, have SUPER sharp teeth, and get very mean and aggressive. Especially when they have babies. This pack of 10 had 2 babies. 

Yes we do live near the desert and this is a hazard, however the scary part came when the neighbor let his dog out. The dog went straight for them. Two things became a scary reality: one, the dog (who thankfully listened to his owner when he was told to come back) would have died; and two, the dog could have easily herded them towards us to which we would have been facing some angry Javelinas. (thankfully they ran the opposite way we ran)

We booked it to a hiding spot and were safe. We then immediately walked home. We figured out the next day that they were enjoying acorns from the person's Live Oak Tree.

Sunday we continued to work! Lot's of work! 

Then my family left and Kevin and I settled in in front of the TV to watch SNL!
All and all a great weekend! What did you do?!


  1. That's great you got to look at some gorgeous Christmas lights.. but that part about the Javelinas was scary! I've never heard of those before.. They are kind of cute ish in an odd way :D

  2. I have never heard of a Javelina...but they look like a huge warthog, which I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley either. ;-) Glad you guys and the dog are all safe and sound.

    So, I am a horrible blogger too because I got all dolled up for the hubby's work Christmas party and took zero pics. Epic fail for me.

  3. Never heard of a Javelina but the baby one is so dang cute!

  4. Never heard of a Javelina. That is such a crazy story. Can't wait to see your home improvements.

  5. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I would have died!! I hope the Christmas lights were worth it!

  6. Awwwwwww LOL
    TAG you're IT! :)
    cuz i think u are awesome! :P

  7. I squealed when I saw the pick of the animals(I had no clue what they were)and was thinking "oh how cute!!". And then I read about how mean they not as cute! Glad they didn't come towards you!!


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