January 31, 2013

I Know How To Eat

Well, one month down into the new year, eleven to go.

New year means we're all trying to lose a little weight. however I am having trouble because I keep stuffing my face with chocolate. 

There better be some of you suffering with me!

We were really punished when Eve was told not eat the dang apple! 
I would understand if it was a piece of chocolate, some pizza, or something cheesy! 
But an apple?!? Really?
Because of Eve's decision, I think God gave girls the inability to not eat something when we know we shouldn't.

I don't even know how much I weigh. I just never weigh myself, don't care, and know that a number couldn't make me who I am. If I looked in the mirror and saw someone looking good, then I was where I needed to be. If I looked in the mirror and saw gross, that was my cue. I worked with an image and never a number. 

Now I am not and have never been the skinniest girl. My mom threw me in swimming in 8th grade because I was getting overweight and I could never thank her enough. I could have been really self conscious about my weight...my sisters have beautiful bodies, my mom works hard and is a hottie, and here I am. But I had some sort of confidence in me that made me okay. I am also lucky to have a husband who makes me feel the most beautiful woman in the world… even at my ugliest. So when I look at myself sometimes I have these kind of crazy conversations with myself:

Lauren: Girl, lose that weight! 
Lauren: eh, I don't look that bad, I love food. 
Lauren: Spending money and eating all that food. Poop money.
Lauren: But I don't want to go running.
Lauren: So you wanna stay pudgy and unhappy?

Or I have this convo with myself:

Lauren: Whoa, woah! Why did you just eat 5 rolls, 3 reeses cups, and cheese?
Lauren: I didn't even realize! Crap!

Boo! Please tell me I am not the only one who goes through this?

I think I am going to try and get back into Insanity. Let's do it Lauren!

Happy Thursday! Let's try to not totally binge out on Sunday!

January 28, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Six Memories

I started this blog to remind myself of all my wonderful memories in life. I am going to use this post to share six memories I have pre-blog.

Here goes.

1. Starting to date that Kevin kid. Yeah cue the embarrassing photos of us back in high school. wow.
But seriously I do remember the day of our first date: July 2 2005--Batman Begins and Cold Stone. Perfect date!
Winter Ball 2006//Prom 2007//Summer 2007

2. Swim Team. Okay keeping you in high school years...with the embarrassing photos! Kept me in shape and I really did have a blast. I really need to get back into swimming.
Getting ready to swim at State Champs//Swim and District Champs//Hanging at a swim meet

3. Skiing Vail. I love this tradition that I have with Kevin. He taught me how to ski and now we love doing it together!
Looking out at the scene//First day I ever skiied Vail with Kevin//Kevin's family

4. Kevin at Stanford. He was accepted to a summer program there with my friend Caraline and I got to go up and see them! Such a fun trip!
Kevin and I at Golden Gate Bridge//The Boardwalk//Kevin, me, Caraline, Owen

5. That one time I went to Hawaii. Kevin's family took me to Hawaii for Christmas. I would love to go back one day! So much fun!
Fun at the beach//Luau//Zip Lining

6. Graduating College. Kevin graduated in May of 2011 and I graduated in Dec 2011. Before my grandmother passed, she pinned me at my graduation. She was an OR nurse all her life and it is an amazing memory I will have forever.
Grandma, me, mom, and Tess after pinning//Grandma pinning me//Waiting to graduate//Kevin's Graduation day
The Austin Family Diary

Weekend Update

So this weekend my two girl friends came from NM! In addition to shopping, eating, and laughing we ran The Color Run! Let's just say that it rained...in the desert. Which basically means it poured!

The race went on! So instead of some color powder, it turned into color paste!
Still fun!
Oh and this was my first 5k! Yay me!

We made it!
I rocked a blue Hitler stash!

So all and all very fun!
Other randoms:
I did a fun post about getting pregnant and having a baby here.
Kevin and I had friends over to play games and eat (I like to eat)
We caught up on Revenge! Can't wait for the next one! (while eating)
I worked Sunday. I ran a code and brought someone back to life. Last I checked at the hospital he is barely alive. But still alive! 

So now it is onto the week! Let's hope it goes well! 
How did your weekend go?

January 24, 2013

House Hunting 101

When Kevin and I were house hunting, I noticed there were lots of crazy things. It is true what they say...you will never find 100% of what you are looking for. Here is my list of things I say you can overlook and not overlook.

Don't Buy: Leaky Roof
A leaky roof means you have to replace the whole roof. That can get pricey Unless it is the perfect house and that is the only thing you have to drop money on (which I doubt) then skip it.

Fix It: Broken roof tiles/missing shingles
Consider the age of the roof because the older it is, the more money you might consider saving to replace it one day, but replacing a few shingles and roof tiles isn't too much of a budget buster. We will be replacing a few cracked tiles, but other then that we are good!

Don't Buy: Crap plumbing and wiring
Call me crazy but I am scared of a freaking fire hazard or leak that causes moisture to get in everywhere. Water and fire spread quickly and are not fun to deal with.

Fix It: Ugly wall-to-wall carpet
Consider the possibilities! You can rip it out and replace it with fresh carpet or gorgeous new tile or even hardwoods! Kevin and I currently overlooked green carpet in the master bedroom and living room (which isn't even that bad of a green unless it is being photographed...) We are installing hardwoods...

Don't Buy: Overpriced homes being sold by owner
Kevin and I saw a comparable house to the one we bought that was listed for over 40,000 dollars more! Yeah and this lady still hasn't sold...wonder why? LOL! But if an owner is selling it all overpriced, there is not a chance you will be able to score a deal. They are not thinking clearly and still obviously have way too much of a sentimental attachment to the home.

Fix It: Not your dream appliances
Our house came with all the appliances! That is usually unheard of but very exciting because that means we didn't have to drop cash for them. The kitchen ones are all black and the washer and dryer are a little outdated, but they work! I would even say if you want a gas stove and there is an electric range, that is something you can deal with! Buying a new appliance down the line is manageable. 

Don't Buy: Bad school district
A bad school district is definitely a red flag if you want children in the future. Even if you don't or plan to sell before you have the kids, family oriented buyers will be turned off. You bring in a whole bigger set of buyers if you buy in a good school district.

Fix It: gross wallpaper/paint
This is a pretty easy fix. You can easily take the wallpaper off, repaint...and chose what you want. 

So there you go!
What are things you guys say are things you can live with when buying a house?

January 21, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Seven People You'd Like to Meet

I want to meet people with fascinating lives that are down to earth. Plain and simple. Hence why you won't see a lot of glitzy, fake celebrities on this list....

1. My blogger friends
Yes that means you! I love you all!

2. Peyton Manning
One of the greatest football legends of all time. I think in order to be as amazing a quarterback as he is, he has to have such a smart mind in addition to physical attributes. He is a family man, charitable man, and a real man. Totally seems down to earth and kind. I would love the honor to meet him!

3. Sarah Palin
I remember hearing some of the first speeches by Sarah Palin. Then I read her book. There was something about her that seemed so real. Like she was one of us. Personally, I think has been one of the most mistreated people in politics, especially by feminists, liberal media and the entertainment industry. Yes, some of the Tina Fey stuff was funny but the things David Lettermen said about her and her family were not. I absolutely hated that the feminists came after her. Sarah Palin is a mom, a wife, a governor, she is the epitome of what the feminists think every woman should be. But the reason they hate her? Most likely because she is pro-life. I want to meet her because she is someone who stands by her principles, is not afraid to speak the truth and just seems like a flat out good woman.

4. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
I think she is one of the most beautiful out there. She is also smart, a mom, a wife, and comes from a football family! I do not know why or how she could put up with Joy Behar or Rosie O'Donell, but she has done it with class and style! To me, she is someone who has courage, strength, inner beauty and is not just tough mentally but physically as well.

5. Jennifer Lawrence
Okay so I will put a celeb on here. She seems pretty down to earth and funny. She one of the most versatile and better actresses that I have seen. 

6. The Denver Broncos
Me and the guys. Besties bro! Love them! 

7. Harry Potter
What? I can't meet fictional people? He seems like an amazing guy...although now I opened up a whole new realm of possibilities...

Honorable mentions: 
Megan Fox: Just to tell her I have the same thumbs as her! Now I just need her hair, makeup, and body. :-)
Jay Leno: Funny, good looking, and charitable. Enough said!
Ryan Reynolds: Let's all just touch his abs. Woah mama!

The Austin Family Diary

January 19, 2013

Under Construction

Hey guys! As you can see my site is under construction! Big thank you to Lisa for helping me make some changes that I was unable to and helping me with my awesome new look!

I think my biggest change in addition to the new look is I now have a twitter. Yep. Over there is a cute little button for you to follow. Wonder what my first tweet should be...

I also thought long and hard about it and will start taking sponsorships. I am hoping that it grows blogs and more on that is to come!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

January 17, 2013

I am such a hot blogger...not!

So I have been looking at bloggers that have 1,000 followers actually making money off this hobby and I have to admit, dang. That would be cool! I could have some chocolate money! Or shopping money! Or money to pay my cable bill. Have you seen how high those things get?! Dang!

Anyway, these bloggers post perfect magazine-esque pictures of them doing things such as casually playing in the snow:

Or pictures that are super cute and kid oriented:

Or shopping/doing outfit posts:

But currently if I were to post pictures like that, they would look like this:

Me playing in the snow:

Me and my baby:

Me trying to pull off an outfit:

Big difference huh!

So I have to start posting more better photos of me doing cute stuff and I need a dog so that the pics can overload you all with cuteness (because a kid isn't coming soon). As for food, I am not the greatest cook, and when I am, I have a hard time posing my food...because it is already in my belly. And my “fashion” is work attire. So get ready for me to dazzle the crap out of you with scrubs, scrubs, and "no I don't want no scrubs" (yeah I did just sing that song in my head).

The other thing is that I don't know how to do my make up or hair and never have time to attempt to craft. 

Where are the pictures of these beautiful girls without makeup and without their hair done lying on the couch with a bag of Reese's cups? On a couch that is a hand me down from your in-laws. No? Just me? And where do these girls get the time to get so done up all the time? Do their kids never cry, do their bosses (in my case crazy patients) never keep them at work late? Do they not have husbands (which are kinda like kids) Only kidding Kevin...if you ever read this. Yeah I am so popular that my own husband probably will never read this. I’m a blogger. My life is so cool.

Anyone with me?

January 14, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Eight TV Shows

This is actually going to be somewhat hard. I watch TV sporadically and really don't have too many shows.

Gilmore Girls
My all time favorite show.
Enough said.

tv meme | 03 favourite familiesthe gilmores

Tonight Show with Jay Leno
For my laughs...
He is the funniest!

Speaking of funny...
Such a funny show!

Okay LOVE this show. It is one of the best TV shows I have ever watched. Keep it up!
Plus I would like to meet the cast. Awesome cast!

I like this show! All the actors are really good and it is just enjoyable.

Grey's Anatomy
Okay now while I realize half the crap they do nurses really do, it is still a fun dramatic show. I like the beginning seasons better than the newer seasons, but I still tune in!

Property Brothers
Just set me up with them and I would be happy.
Hot, great decor taste, can buy, sell, and renovate me a house...and that is just my husband's opinion. JK!
But seriously I would love to meet them.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
A show I absolutely adore...but can't watch it.
I don't have the channel. Ugh.
But seriously I would love to meet them. And steal their wardrobe...and things in their house...and their money.

Honorable mentions go to NFL Football I am just too depressed about this season though.

So what are some of your favorite TV shows?
Link up below!!!
The Austin Family Diary

Tuesday Topics: Weekend Update

Friday day I got to see my girlfriend from NM. We stink because we did not get a single photo. However she and I went grocery shopping together (yeah you know she is a good friend when she helps me get errands done) and went out to lunch. Friday night my husband's family came over to Arizona to see us! 

Saturday Kevin's grandparents over (who are residing in Arizona for two months during the winter...snowbirds) to watch the game with all of us at our new digs. They all really liked the house so far which is STILL a work in progress. Seriously it is hard to fix up a new house when I am working an average of 45 hours a week and Kevin is working 36 plus taking 2 grad school classes. Yep Kevin is going back for his masters! Yay him!

Unfortunately our team lost against the Ravens. In the beginning I firmly believe it was the refs losing Denver the game. Then in the end it was Denver coaches. Dear John Fox (the coach), you have Peyton Manning, THROW THE DANG BALL! Haha I should have played that clip from The Blind Side where Sandra Bullock says that. Would have been especially funny seeing as Micheal Oher is now right tackle for the Ravens. Oh and coach, give Champ Bailey a safety to help him defend! He isn't getting it done on his own!

We did get a happy picture of us before the game.
Still reading? Okay I will stop there. Very sad Saturday night in my house. But I did make lots of good food! Wanna know how good? It was gobbled down before I could get pictures! Plus I am not the best picture taker....and plus I was a little focused on the game. Sorry!

But no worries, I will share with you the really great and easy snacks I made and ate this weekend:

Avocado Salsa


3 large avocados
1/2 tomato
fresh cilantro, chopped
1 tsp of lime juice
a heaping dash of salt
dash of pepper


Dice up the avocado and tomato into chunks. Throw in bowl and add diced cilantro. Add your pepper, salt, and lime juice and toss. Let sit to let those yummy flavors come together. Serve with chips and enjoy!

Rotel Cups


2 packages of fillo shells (found in the frozen food aisle)
1 can of rotel
5 pieces of cooked bacon, chopped (or you can buy bacon bits)
1 cup of mayo
shredded cheese


If you are cooking the bacon, fry it and get the grease out with a paper towel. Mix it into a bowl (or your bacon bits) with the rotel and mayo. Stir. Add cheese. Stir.

Then fill your shells. Ensure your hands are rocking and ready to go because I found it easier to stuff it into the fillo shells with my hands. Unfortunately some of those shells aren't perfectly flat on the bottom. It may be a balancing act to get all that creamy goodness you just made into these shells. 

Then bake in your oven for 15-20 min at 350 and enjoy these babies!

You could probably use another whole package of fillo shells which I might do next time to have more, but then you couldn't over stuff the magic into your shells. Catch 22. We shall see the next time I make them :)

And Sunday I worked. What did you do this weekend?

January 10, 2013

Big Boobie Problems

I am about to get real with you all. Well I always am, but yeah...the world can be a cruel one for girls with big bonkers, boobies, cantalopes, melons, whatever you like to call them.

I would know. I have DDs. 

Now some of you may have no sympathy for busty girls, especially if you have always wanted bigger boobs but never got them. But let me tell you, being busty has its drawbacks! I am a DD! Here are some size A women's idea of a sick joke:

I have never, ever worn a shirt that had a supposed built-in bra without wearing a regular bra as well. They have absolutely no support! They do make some built-in bra shirts with under-wire now which helps a little, but still not enough for me to put my faith in being solely supported by that. I wish I could buy them to help me with more support then just my normal bra, but the thing is that they usually squish my boobs into a funny uniboob shape. 

In middle school, I remember going through a phase where shoulder bags were the cooler way to carry our books around instead of backpacks. However, I quickly learned that I couldn’t wear the strap diagonally across my chest like you’re supposed to without it falling between my boobs and making me look really awkward. So instead, I was forced to carry my shoulder strapped backpack over one arm which caused my shoulders to be sore. Now, the only time I subject myself to looking like my boobs are trying to eat a strap is when I wear a seatbelt.

A Button down shirt...I can't even begin.

T-shirts for busty girls have that can be viewed as both a good and bad thing. It’s great when you’re looking for an outfit to wear on a date or out to the bar, but when put into situations where you need to look more conservative like work, it can become a problem. I have tons of shirts that I couldn't wear because they show too much boob but if someone not as chesty as me wore the same shirt, it would look fine!

a busty moment.

Bathing suits are just a joke. I am rarely able to find a bathing suit top that fits me right. String bikinis are an absolute no-no for me as they tend to cause the dreaded “under-boob” and not to mention they have little to no support. Halters are the only way to go, however they will end up hurting your neck from holding up the weight of your chest. And forget about trying to wear strapless bathing suit tops unless you want gravity to take over where it shouldn’t in public. I’ve now learned to buy or order bathing suits from Victoria’s Secret as they are usually made like bras with underwire.

And no, my bras are not super cute or sexy....or affordable.

Even if people you meet don’t ask you, that doesn’t mean they won’t be wondering if your busty gift is real or fake. Let me just say that I would kill for someone to think my girls are fake because that means that they are looking perfect and perky.

Whether it’s on an run, roller coaster, or sometimes on a fast walk, busty girls will always fear hitting some sort of “turbulence.” Especially when there are a bunch of men around who will gladly watch and enjoy your moment of bouncing horror. Fortunately there are easy ways to hide this like crossing your arms over your chest or holding something in front of you. However, that doesn't mean that there won’t always be the fear that it will happen unexpectedly...

Despite the laughs that you small boobed people have been laughing, the most serious problem is back problems. Ugh.

These are all Busty Girl Comics! So funny but true!

Who all out there can relate?!

January 8, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Nine Blogs

I cannot ever truly express how much blogging has inspired me. My blog is my outlet in life and all the comments, emails, and kind words have MADE so many different days of mine wonderful. I am so grateful for all of you and I hope that I can continue to build that relationship for years to come.

I can only hope that my blog inspires at least one person like other blogs have inspired me. 
Instead of just listing some amazing blogs, I will link to one of my favorite posts by them. Check them out!

Christina at Carolina Charm made me want both of these dinners and did an awesome job showing how to change up leftovers. It is hard to cook for two people!

Hilary at Diaries of Do'ers has the most beautiful house that one day I will be at knocking at her door! She needs to help me find a rug! Blue and white or just white. Plus she is awesome and did the same thing to her kitchen cabinets that I did to mine. Style sistas.

Oh jeez and I just realized we picked the same backsplash too. Holy heck I promise I am not a creeper! I didn't know!!

But her blog does have some down sides. Husband saw me on this article and now wants to do the same thing. eh!

Elle from Elle Noel rocks being super healthy and awesome! I need to be more like her! You go Elle Coco!

Erin at Love, Fun, and Football has passion for her team like me and I love it! And yeah I did better then her in the blogger fantasy challenge...I know she is cheering for Denver now for me right now...RIGHT?!?! haha!

Jen at Boys will be Boys is just plain flat awesome. A BA mom! Seriously. I love her posts on her cities. I wanna do this too! Plus Medina is where some of my family lives so it was nice to read that one! Love Ohio!

Jacqueline at According to Jax is super pretty and always seems to be having so much fun! I wanna tear it up like her! Looks so fun!

Kristina at Bella Mia is just one of the cutest little moms I have ever seen! It would be something short of a miracle if I were to look at cute as her when I have kids. Plus her baby is a DOLL!

Ashley at Dancing with Ashley is one fashionable mom! She has two adorable kids and just seems like my kinda girl!

Erin at The Grass Skirt is new mother to her first little boy! She and I need to meet up one day because she is just a girly girl, organized, awesome person (like me)! Only she really is. Plus she is a healthy person who I could learn from!

Emily at Paging Dr. Grace rounds out my list! She is a soon to be (so cute) mama! Plus as you can see with my link to her, I wanna live vicariously through her with her job!
The Austin Family Diary

January 6, 2013

2012 you were GOOD!

My year in review you ask? Like you haven't read enough of these yet? Sure I am late, but here is mine! 

Crazy how you see a bunch of awesome links after June when I started my blog. One of the most awesome decisions I made this year!

I enjoyed being graduated from college. So what that I graduated in 2011 I can still pretend it was part of my year. Right?
I also moved Kevin and my stuff into our rental house in Tucson. Kevin had already been living in another place and working here. 

Uh...still enjoying being a college graduate aka doing nothing without a job. Wedding planning. Studying for my boards. 

Well still unemployed. Still studying. Still wedding planning.
Went to Vail to ski!

I got better at exercising seeing as I am still unemployed and have a wedding dress to fit into soon. Oh and I passed my boards!! Yay!

Got married! Honeymooned! Wedding recaps to be done before my one year anniversary. That is a resolution!

A rough month. Had some deaths, turned 23 uneventfully, started a blog so now I can actually better remember my years...

Began to endure an Arizona summer.
Made a new friend for life.
And had a blate with her and Tiffany...We are the OGs of the Ten Day Challenge!
Started learning how to live with a man. (And yes now he has metal collar stays)
Oh and still searching for that pesky job...

Was about to start accepting a job in New Mexico...which would mean living in a different state then my husband.
But then....
I GOT A JOB. And my first blate.

Learned that I would work a lot at this job. But still so blessed and happy to have a job. Oh and started to look for a house to buy...
And bought a house!

Football season! My team is Super Bowl bound this season!
And realizing that growing up comes with a whole new set of lessons on balancing

Started fixing up the house.
I even showed you how I got rid of all my brass in my home for cheap! (One of my favorite posts to date for some random reason...update: still looking as amazing as the first day up!)
Had another blate with Tiffany and Kaitlyn! Love these girls!
Got my one and only holiday off and surprised Kevin's Grandpa for his 80th!

Continued to fix up the house and move out of our rental. Posts to come on that soon.
Talked about my first code here. Then this month ended up having my first full blown code as a nurse. Thankfully the patient lived and is doing much better.

Bring it on New Year!!!

January 3, 2013

So you want to be a Nurse?

I had a bad day at work yesterday. So this may be the most pessimistic post to date.
Before you decide to become a nurse...

Remember you will make a med error. 

Remember you'll probably be working your Birthday, Valentine's Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day, and New Years Eve/Day. 

Remember the very people you are trying to save, will call you sweetie, an idiot, they will not acknowledge you, they will vomit on your scrubs, and bleed on your shoes. 

Remember that you may consider two days off in a row to be an enormous luxury. 

Remember that you'll sleep at weird times and have a hard time adjusting because you won't be on day shift. You will be opposite of your husband.

Remember that you might feel like the not best wife seeing people cook, clean, and pamper their husbands...while all you do is sleep with him. 

Remember how you'll miss your family during holidays and sometimes hate yourself for feeling envious of your patients whose families are there with them. 

Remember it takes a long time to find a job. It is not as stable as it once was. Nothing is anymore.

Remember that the hurt and sorrow that your patients experience will affect you deeply.

Remember that you will hurt them.

Remember you will feel shock with them. 

Remember you will be the bearer of bad news. 

Remember that you will be doing everything in your power to help them, but they are too hurt to thank you.

Remember that when the rest of the world wonders how a man can shoot first-graders, you know and are thinking instead of how you would cope as the nurses who had the tiny bodies brought to their hospital.

Remember there will be days you feel like you might not make it through another shift.

Remember that if you have all these feelings and you still want to be a nurse, you will be.

Be sure you want to be a nurse, or doctor, or medical professional before you go into it. You think nursing school is hard? It is, but you have to be sure, even outside of school or you won't make it.

January 1, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Ten New Year Resolutions

A new year! I am working! Surprise surprise! So now I have to worry about writing 13 instead of 12 on my dates! haha!

I grew up Catholic so I do Lent. I have successfully given up some great vices. The only time I did not succeed during a Lenton year was when I tried to give up chocolate. I almost made it...but almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Therefore I will not be giving up chocolate or any other resolutions that I can never hold myself to.
Here is what I will hold myself to this year remembering that if I falter it only means I am human. But gosh darn I will try like heck!

I will get a new blog design and really making 2013 the year of my blog!

I will be making my house a home.

I will balance work and life better. (I need to for my sanity)

I will exercise 3 times a week. (why do I feel like this will be the hardest one?)

I will get rid of useless belongings.

I will be the best wife I can be in my first whole year married.

I will eat right.

I will get in the kitchen more often. (I am determined to make this year a big year for me and the kitchen.)

I will save more money this year.

I will try to make it halfway through the year without breaking any of the above resolutions. :-)

What will you be resolving to do in the year 2013? Link up and tell me below!!
The Austin Family Diary

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