January 6, 2013

2012 you were GOOD!

My year in review you ask? Like you haven't read enough of these yet? Sure I am late, but here is mine! 

Crazy how you see a bunch of awesome links after June when I started my blog. One of the most awesome decisions I made this year!

I enjoyed being graduated from college. So what that I graduated in 2011 I can still pretend it was part of my year. Right?
I also moved Kevin and my stuff into our rental house in Tucson. Kevin had already been living in another place and working here. 

Uh...still enjoying being a college graduate aka doing nothing without a job. Wedding planning. Studying for my boards. 

Well still unemployed. Still studying. Still wedding planning.
Went to Vail to ski!

I got better at exercising seeing as I am still unemployed and have a wedding dress to fit into soon. Oh and I passed my boards!! Yay!

Got married! Honeymooned! Wedding recaps to be done before my one year anniversary. That is a resolution!

A rough month. Had some deaths, turned 23 uneventfully, started a blog so now I can actually better remember my years...

Began to endure an Arizona summer.
Made a new friend for life.
And had a blate with her and Tiffany...We are the OGs of the Ten Day Challenge!
Started learning how to live with a man. (And yes now he has metal collar stays)
Oh and still searching for that pesky job...

Was about to start accepting a job in New Mexico...which would mean living in a different state then my husband.
But then....
I GOT A JOB. And my first blate.

Learned that I would work a lot at this job. But still so blessed and happy to have a job. Oh and started to look for a house to buy...
And bought a house!

Football season! My team is Super Bowl bound this season!
And realizing that growing up comes with a whole new set of lessons on balancing

Started fixing up the house.
I even showed you how I got rid of all my brass in my home for cheap! (One of my favorite posts to date for some random reason...update: still looking as amazing as the first day up!)
Had another blate with Tiffany and Kaitlyn! Love these girls!
Got my one and only holiday off and surprised Kevin's Grandpa for his 80th!

Continued to fix up the house and move out of our rental. Posts to come on that soon.
Talked about my first code here. Then this month ended up having my first full blown code as a nurse. Thankfully the patient lived and is doing much better.

Bring it on New Year!!!


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  2. Can't wait to read about your wedding! :)
    Would you recommend Vail for a honeymoon? I know it wouldn't have snow in August but that's okay. I've been doing some research on places in CO that would be pretty to visit and have fun things to do and still be relaxing.

  3. lauren that house you two bought is so cute!! and we did miss each other during christmas, my fault im sorry! are you enjoying the snowbirds being in tucson? hows your job?

  4. Congrats on getting married girl and I love love love your house! It is so cute!

  5. I love that your birthday is exactly one day before mine, and we're the same age!! I turned 23 on June 29th of this year! I'd say June is a wonderful month for a birthday :)

    Looks like an exciting and eventful year!!

  6. You did have quite the year! I hoe that 2013 is even better. :)


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