January 24, 2013

House Hunting 101

When Kevin and I were house hunting, I noticed there were lots of crazy things. It is true what they say...you will never find 100% of what you are looking for. Here is my list of things I say you can overlook and not overlook.

Don't Buy: Leaky Roof
A leaky roof means you have to replace the whole roof. That can get pricey Unless it is the perfect house and that is the only thing you have to drop money on (which I doubt) then skip it.

Fix It: Broken roof tiles/missing shingles
Consider the age of the roof because the older it is, the more money you might consider saving to replace it one day, but replacing a few shingles and roof tiles isn't too much of a budget buster. We will be replacing a few cracked tiles, but other then that we are good!

Don't Buy: Crap plumbing and wiring
Call me crazy but I am scared of a freaking fire hazard or leak that causes moisture to get in everywhere. Water and fire spread quickly and are not fun to deal with.

Fix It: Ugly wall-to-wall carpet
Consider the possibilities! You can rip it out and replace it with fresh carpet or gorgeous new tile or even hardwoods! Kevin and I currently overlooked green carpet in the master bedroom and living room (which isn't even that bad of a green unless it is being photographed...) We are installing hardwoods...

Don't Buy: Overpriced homes being sold by owner
Kevin and I saw a comparable house to the one we bought that was listed for over 40,000 dollars more! Yeah and this lady still hasn't sold...wonder why? LOL! But if an owner is selling it all overpriced, there is not a chance you will be able to score a deal. They are not thinking clearly and still obviously have way too much of a sentimental attachment to the home.

Fix It: Not your dream appliances
Our house came with all the appliances! That is usually unheard of but very exciting because that means we didn't have to drop cash for them. The kitchen ones are all black and the washer and dryer are a little outdated, but they work! I would even say if you want a gas stove and there is an electric range, that is something you can deal with! Buying a new appliance down the line is manageable. 

Don't Buy: Bad school district
A bad school district is definitely a red flag if you want children in the future. Even if you don't or plan to sell before you have the kids, family oriented buyers will be turned off. You bring in a whole bigger set of buyers if you buy in a good school district.

Fix It: gross wallpaper/paint
This is a pretty easy fix. You can easily take the wallpaper off, repaint...and chose what you want. 

So there you go!
What are things you guys say are things you can live with when buying a house?


  1. great list! i get so annoyed when i watch shows on hgtv where they act like carpet or wall color is a deal breaker! so easy to fix in the grand scheme of things!

    love the new layout!

  2. LOVE the new look. So stinking cute! Thanks for the tidbits of info girlfriend ;)

  3. Thanks for the info! We are in the house buying stage and I have to keep reminding myself how much stuff is cosmetic and can be changed vs structural/safety things. I definitely want a master suite... simply meaning bedroom with attached bathroom of our own. Doesn't have to be big or anything, but I want our own private space so if we have visitors we don't have to share. So agree on the school district! Always have to think ahead. I would probably replace carpet anyways, yuk! :)

  4. Those are all great things to keep in mind! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I say don't go from what you have currently - meaning we have a 2 bed, 2 bath condo and hubby found a house he liked that was 2 bed, 2 bath and I put my foot down because we need to get more, not what we have now. He also tried to convince me one bath and I won't do that either!

  6. We just bought our second home, and I think it's a sign that we are stuck here for a while because I actually found my dream home 100% exactly the way I always wanted it. Right? Isn't that crazy? LOL Once in a blue moon it happens.

  7. Awesome tips! I go crazy watching House Hunters and they completely judge every little cosmetic thing with the house. They are such easy fixes...they just take a little time and effort.

  8. These tips are great. I cannot wait until we can buy a house. I am so over renting. There is so much I want to do to this house. However, I don't bc it's not ours. I hate that!

  9. great tips!! i definitely will not buy a leaking roof point taken!

  10. great post! Definitely to take in consideration when buying. Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. Great points! I hate watching House Hunters and people say they are considering not buying the place because of ugly carpet or wall coloring, even the bathroom. May take time and a little money, but some of those places go for really good prices because of having to update the bathroom. You really need to concentrate on a great foundation - roof, wiring, plumbing and not the superficial.

  12. This is exactly what I needed today! Thanks for posting this. I'm printing this out and taking it with us when we are house hunting to remind me of what's important. :)

  13. I love this! This is all soo true! I Especially like the one about not buying in a crappy school district (especially because I am a teacher, I am basing a big part of our home buying on the neighborhood/school it's zoned too!) I will be keeping this all in mind when we are finally seeing houses!


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