January 31, 2013

I Know How To Eat

Well, one month down into the new year, eleven to go.

New year means we're all trying to lose a little weight. however I am having trouble because I keep stuffing my face with chocolate. 

There better be some of you suffering with me!

We were really punished when Eve was told not eat the dang apple! 
I would understand if it was a piece of chocolate, some pizza, or something cheesy! 
But an apple?!? Really?
Because of Eve's decision, I think God gave girls the inability to not eat something when we know we shouldn't.

I don't even know how much I weigh. I just never weigh myself, don't care, and know that a number couldn't make me who I am. If I looked in the mirror and saw someone looking good, then I was where I needed to be. If I looked in the mirror and saw gross, that was my cue. I worked with an image and never a number. 

Now I am not and have never been the skinniest girl. My mom threw me in swimming in 8th grade because I was getting overweight and I could never thank her enough. I could have been really self conscious about my weight...my sisters have beautiful bodies, my mom works hard and is a hottie, and here I am. But I had some sort of confidence in me that made me okay. I am also lucky to have a husband who makes me feel the most beautiful woman in the world… even at my ugliest. So when I look at myself sometimes I have these kind of crazy conversations with myself:

Lauren: Girl, lose that weight! 
Lauren: eh, I don't look that bad, I love food. 
Lauren: Spending money and eating all that food. Poop money.
Lauren: But I don't want to go running.
Lauren: So you wanna stay pudgy and unhappy?

Or I have this convo with myself:

Lauren: Whoa, woah! Why did you just eat 5 rolls, 3 reeses cups, and cheese?
Lauren: I didn't even realize! Crap!

Boo! Please tell me I am not the only one who goes through this?

I think I am going to try and get back into Insanity. Let's do it Lauren!

Happy Thursday! Let's try to not totally binge out on Sunday!


  1. Don't worry! I'm right there with you. And I'm trying to lose my baby weight! It' so odd because every time I get back from the gym I crave chocolate without fail! It's so aggravating. Oh, you just burned 600 calories doing crazy Zumba? Here, eat a whole box of oreos. Grrrr.

  2. Oh I'm in the same boat. Operation "you are going to mexico for a family wedding in july" is in full force...we'll see how it goes!

  3. I made a resolution to eat more crap. Fool proof. :p

    Haha, but for real, I would love to eat healthier and exercise more. But I have such a jumbled schedule, it's hard to commit to anything! And half the time, I don't always have time to eat real meals, so I just stuff my face with whatever is closest when I finally have time to sit down and eat, haha.

    Good luck! Hope we can both get our butts in gear!

  4. chocolate is killing me too! I can't stay away from the cookies!

  5. I can't promise not to binge on Sunday....or Saturday....or right now. Yay for chocolate!

  6. I want to do insanity! I need someone to do it with me though, I'm terrible at keeping myself accountable! Right now I've got this idea in my head that I want to be a runner. And then I come home from the gym and eat a giant meal plus ice cream, whoops! :)

  7. I have had the hardest time kicking the holiday eating habit! I just love sweets so much and I can't quit them!

    I'm typing this as I stuff chocolate chip cookies in my face. Oh, well!

    Super Bowl weekend, no time for quitters!

  8. haha. this cracks me up - the conversations with yourself are totally normal - and yes, let's blame Eve...I'm kinda like you...an apple? really???

  9. Mmm chocolate...healthy choice fudge bars. Do it. You'll thank me :)

  10. it is hard not to binge on super bowl sunday, it is hard not to binge on chocolate that is such a downfall. and i never thought of it but i agree with you on that point about eve i think you are right about that!

  11. I am totally like you. Mid run, I start talking to myself and just saying "It's not like I'm that out of shape, I can walk the rest of the way" haha but then I try not to let myself think that way and remind myself how much better I'll feel if I try my hardest. It always ends up being true.



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