January 14, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Eight TV Shows

This is actually going to be somewhat hard. I watch TV sporadically and really don't have too many shows.

Gilmore Girls
My all time favorite show.
Enough said.

tv meme | 03 favourite familiesthe gilmores

Tonight Show with Jay Leno
For my laughs...
He is the funniest!

Speaking of funny...
Such a funny show!

Okay LOVE this show. It is one of the best TV shows I have ever watched. Keep it up!
Plus I would like to meet the cast. Awesome cast!

I like this show! All the actors are really good and it is just enjoyable.

Grey's Anatomy
Okay now while I realize half the crap they do nurses really do, it is still a fun dramatic show. I like the beginning seasons better than the newer seasons, but I still tune in!

Property Brothers
Just set me up with them and I would be happy.
Hot, great decor taste, can buy, sell, and renovate me a house...and that is just my husband's opinion. JK!
But seriously I would love to meet them.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
A show I absolutely adore...but can't watch it.
I don't have the channel. Ugh.
But seriously I would love to meet them. And steal their wardrobe...and things in their house...and their money.

Honorable mentions go to NFL Football I am just too depressed about this season though.

So what are some of your favorite TV shows?
Link up below!!!
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  1. I've actually never seen even an episode of any of those tv shows. I guess I don't know as much about tv as I thought. I've really always been more of a movie girl, I guess.

  2. Gilmore Girls was my total jam in high school...I may or may not own the box set...lol

  3. GREAT list! I love Gilmore Girls, Friends and Grey's! :-)

  4. Looks like we share a few favs!

  5. nice list! FRIENDS and Gilmore girls made my top 2 shows :)

    i loved greys for the first three seasons,then it got to be too much craziness/drama/cast of characters...

    i used to love Bones,and i still do watch it now, but i feel like Brennan is too annoying now and I am not a fan of booth+bones together. lol

    property bros,yes please!! they are awesome!

  6. You definitely named some of my favorites! Friends, Grey's Anatomy, Revenge... love them! Some of my other favorites these days are How I Met Your Mother and Once Upon a Time. Oh and Parenthood!

  7. Isn't Revenge the best?! I love that show. And Gilmore Girls? My mom and I used to watch them every week together. So good.

  8. Friends is my all-time favorite! Such a classic. LOVE it!


  9. jay leno is my favorite of the late night talk show hosts... i used to love craig kilborn when he was on

  10. I loved Friends but I'm a true Real Housewives of BH addict! If you ever want to know what happens, I'll give you the run down!

    Stopping by from the link party!


  11. OMG! And you live in Tucson?! So do I!!!

  12. Oh gosh. I miss Gilmore Girls! After Switched at Birth last week I realized that the show Bunheads (comes on after S@B) is the same town they used for Gilmore Girls, it's Miss. Patty's ballet room!
    Also, I'm obsessed with Revenge. SO GOOD.
    Grey's will forever be one of my faves but it's gone a bit down hill, the whole plane crash, and Lexi & Mark dying killed me as a fan. I cried. a lot.


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