January 21, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Seven People You'd Like to Meet

I want to meet people with fascinating lives that are down to earth. Plain and simple. Hence why you won't see a lot of glitzy, fake celebrities on this list....

1. My blogger friends
Yes that means you! I love you all!

2. Peyton Manning
One of the greatest football legends of all time. I think in order to be as amazing a quarterback as he is, he has to have such a smart mind in addition to physical attributes. He is a family man, charitable man, and a real man. Totally seems down to earth and kind. I would love the honor to meet him!

3. Sarah Palin
I remember hearing some of the first speeches by Sarah Palin. Then I read her book. There was something about her that seemed so real. Like she was one of us. Personally, I think has been one of the most mistreated people in politics, especially by feminists, liberal media and the entertainment industry. Yes, some of the Tina Fey stuff was funny but the things David Lettermen said about her and her family were not. I absolutely hated that the feminists came after her. Sarah Palin is a mom, a wife, a governor, she is the epitome of what the feminists think every woman should be. But the reason they hate her? Most likely because she is pro-life. I want to meet her because she is someone who stands by her principles, is not afraid to speak the truth and just seems like a flat out good woman.

4. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
I think she is one of the most beautiful out there. She is also smart, a mom, a wife, and comes from a football family! I do not know why or how she could put up with Joy Behar or Rosie O'Donell, but she has done it with class and style! To me, she is someone who has courage, strength, inner beauty and is not just tough mentally but physically as well.

5. Jennifer Lawrence
Okay so I will put a celeb on here. She seems pretty down to earth and funny. She one of the most versatile and better actresses that I have seen. 

6. The Denver Broncos
Me and the guys. Besties bro! Love them! 

7. Harry Potter
What? I can't meet fictional people? He seems like an amazing guy...although now I opened up a whole new realm of possibilities...

Honorable mentions: 
Megan Fox: Just to tell her I have the same thumbs as her! Now I just need her hair, makeup, and body. :-)
Jay Leno: Funny, good looking, and charitable. Enough said!
Ryan Reynolds: Let's all just touch his abs. Woah mama!

The Austin Family Diary


  1. I can't believe I didn't think about putting my bloggy friends as one! Duh! :) I'm like you, I put people who seem like they're very down to earth and genuine people.

  2. HAHAHA i Love love love your list! :D

  3. Touch his abs indeed! :)

  4. Elisabeth Hasselbeck would be really cool. Her year on Survivor was actually one of my favorites. She teamed up with an older guy from Kentucky (they called him KY Joe, but his name was Roger). Anyway, he spoke at my college and I asked him afterward about her. He said she was as down to earth and sweet as she seems on the show. Love the honorable mentions, too! :)


  5. HP! Yes! And totally agree with what you said about Sarah Palin...I love her!

  6. i really want to meet some bloggy friends too! but i don't know any who live near me :(

  7. THANK YOU! I could not agree more about what you said about Sarah Palin! Love her, and kind of bitter she didn't run for office. I don'tknow who I would include on my list...Christian Bale? ha ha

  8. Totally agree with #7 and #1, of course!

  9. i love this post!! i want to meet all my bloggers too. i also think it would be awesome to meet jesus and taylor swift...i think the three of us would get along so great.

  10. Heck yes for HP! Bring on the butterbeer! :-)

  11. First of all, love the new look! And, I love your list!!!


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