January 28, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Six Memories

I started this blog to remind myself of all my wonderful memories in life. I am going to use this post to share six memories I have pre-blog.

Here goes.

1. Starting to date that Kevin kid. Yeah cue the embarrassing photos of us back in high school. wow.
But seriously I do remember the day of our first date: July 2 2005--Batman Begins and Cold Stone. Perfect date!
Winter Ball 2006//Prom 2007//Summer 2007

2. Swim Team. Okay keeping you in high school years...with the embarrassing photos! Kept me in shape and I really did have a blast. I really need to get back into swimming.
Getting ready to swim at State Champs//Swim and District Champs//Hanging at a swim meet

3. Skiing Vail. I love this tradition that I have with Kevin. He taught me how to ski and now we love doing it together!
Looking out at the scene//First day I ever skiied Vail with Kevin//Kevin's family

4. Kevin at Stanford. He was accepted to a summer program there with my friend Caraline and I got to go up and see them! Such a fun trip!
Kevin and I at Golden Gate Bridge//The Boardwalk//Kevin, me, Caraline, Owen

5. That one time I went to Hawaii. Kevin's family took me to Hawaii for Christmas. I would love to go back one day! So much fun!
Fun at the beach//Luau//Zip Lining

6. Graduating College. Kevin graduated in May of 2011 and I graduated in Dec 2011. Before my grandmother passed, she pinned me at my graduation. She was an OR nurse all her life and it is an amazing memory I will have forever.
Grandma, me, mom, and Tess after pinning//Grandma pinning me//Waiting to graduate//Kevin's Graduation day
The Austin Family Diary


  1. That's awesome that you guys have been together for so long and have all those growing up years memories together! Also, I wouldn't mind it if I got to go on a trip to Hawaii...

  2. I didn't know you and Kevin have been together that long! So sweet. I need to see more wedding pictures! The one on your side bar is gorgeous!

  3. awwwwwww I never realized you guys were together that long! :D that is awesome! :D LOVE your memories! and how amazing that your gramma got to pin you before she passed away! Such a special memory! :D
    I cant wait to make my post for this later!

  4. Hopefully you get to Vail this year - I suggest waiting a few weeks, the snow definitely could have been better than what it was at Keystone BUT it was still fun! :)

  5. Great memories! I was a swimmer in high school too! I miss it terribly! You and Kevin are so cute, love the pictures of you together!

  6. What amazing memories! You and Kevin are too cute together!

  7. love the skiing pics... i have only been skiing in north carolina. not the same i'm sure!

  8. Hawaii for Christmas sounds amazing.

  9. You are so photogenic! Seriously, as I was scrolling through all of those I thought "oh I'm gonna tell her tha's my fav....or wait...that's my fav....no wait that one is!" hahaha. I seriously love your winter ball dress though - gorgeous! and the pic of you jumping in the air in Hawaii looks like a blast - only a photogenic person can look good while jumping in mid air! hahaha. and you swim?! that's awesome! I had a friend that did - we had a lot of fun with her trying to teach me - but she bought me a swim cap so I totally felt legit! hahaha

  10. Those are such awesome memories! So many cute pictures of you and Kevin! And that's really cool that you used to swim! I danced/cheered in high school, and I really miss being able to get such a great work out without even realizing it because it was all so fun! Now so much effort is required! :)

  11. Aw... high school sweet hearts... love it! Looks like you two have had some great adventures :)

  12. Hawaii is one of my memories, too!

    And what a great memories to have of your grandmother!

  13. What a beautiful memory to have of your grandmother! And what a fun Hawaii adventure you went on! I love this week's topic. Apparently I lost my mind and forgot yesterday was Tuesday, so I posted my Tuesday Topics today. Oops! :)

  14. Oh how I long to go to Hawaii!!!

    Loving that picture of you two in high school.

  15. How fun! I wish I had taken pictures of my husband and I when we were dating. I never really documented much of him until we were engaged. Sometimes playing it safe isn't so good;)


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