January 19, 2013

Under Construction

Hey guys! As you can see my site is under construction! Big thank you to Lisa for helping me make some changes that I was unable to and helping me with my awesome new look!

I think my biggest change in addition to the new look is I now have a twitter. Yep. Over there is a cute little button for you to follow. Wonder what my first tweet should be...

I also thought long and hard about it and will start taking sponsorships. I am hoping that it grows blogs and more on that is to come!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. loving the new look of your blog - I really thought I wouldn't be able to get over the "original" look but this looks so cute, I think I can! haha. I'm already following you on twitter!

  2. Loving the new look! I love the quote under your photo! And, I just went and followed your Twitter, too!

  3. I discovered your twitter yesterday, so I jumped on it and started following you :) Your new look is fantastic!

  4. Love love love the new look! :-) I will definitely be following you on Twitter. :-)

  5. LOVE the new look. Nice, lady! And the quote under your picture is perfect!

  6. I've become a twitter addict here lately, be careful it's addicting! I'm so excited for you and all of the new changes. Love the new look!

  7. Liking the new look - and can I warn you: twitter is kind of addictive!

  8. I love the new look and layout - super cute!!

  9. your blog is darling!! Sometimes its nice to just start fresh with a new look on the blog i think!! love yours!



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