February 2, 2013

Hey Super Bowl Sunday!

I have been lying low about the super bowl lately. Probably because I am still a sad mess about my Broncos not making it. 

I just wish Demaryius Thomas, Zane Beadles, Peyton Manning, Champ Bailey, Von Miller, Elvis Dumervul, Ryan Clady, and the Broncos coaching staff took me to Hawaii with them.
Guys, I could have used the trip!

But way to go Von and Champ for going on a trip this off season to Iraq and visiting the troops! That is awesome!

Now I will cheer for the Ravens (even though they are in Cleveland's division) only because they are the ones that beat the Broncos.
I also think Kapersmirk is one cocky guy and would love to see a good guy like Joe Flacco win.

My plans for the day?
Brunch with Kevin's grandparents.
Superbowl party with friends.
I plan to enjoy a good game.
I plan to eat a lot.
I plan to watch every commercial and hope there are some new faves for me this year.
And I also plan to play the Ray Lewis drinking game.
That man fake cries wayyyy too often (I am not the only one who thinks so!)
So therefore every time he does, take a swig!
Who is with me?

Follow me since i just got a twitter!

Have fun! I hope everyone stays safe and has fun!


  1. We play squares every year. Last year we actually won two rounds. Hoping we have a repeat!

  2. Gaahhh I can't stand the Ravens ;) but happy Super Bowl none the less ;)

  3. Bahaha I wish I could join in on the Ray Lewis drinking game. I'll be cheering for the 49ers just bc we're not RL fans around this house. Just hoping for a good game and good food though.

  4. I'm cheering for the commercials!!! However, I read an article about the Harbraugh brothers this morning and after that, I think I'm team Ravens because that brother seems so much more nicer!

  5. My favorite part of the Super Bowl is the food. Hands down, the food :-)

  6. Don't hate me, but I am not a football fan at all. I admire anyone who can follow it because it confuses the heck out of me! LOL. Oh and I'm following you on Twitter. :)


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