February 21, 2013

One Year Anniversary with Tucson

Kevin and I are no longer new to Tucson.
Sure he has been here slightly longer then me,
but in terms of being here together, it has been (a little over) one year!
So we're basically locals...
On January 1st 2012 we traded the small city life/college town to a bigger city/bigger college town.
(and really me full time in June...minor details people! Gosh I must be confusing all of you out there...okay so when did you really move to Tucson? Are you really in Tucson? haha JK!)

At least it is only 4 hours away...

Goodbye to amazing family and friends and being able to get across town in 15 minutes.

Goodbye to being able to have target practice in your backyard and to beautiful farms and pecan trees.

Hello emissions testing and higher property taxes.

Hello to long commutes to get anywhere in town (especially Marshall's and Sam's Club!)

And hello to simply knowing that something five miles away
will probably take at least 20 minutes to drive to...

But for right now I wouldn't have it any other way.

 Happy one year anniversary to me and Kevin and Tucson.
Thanks for employing both of us and welcoming us with hot weather, saguaros, barrel cactus, cholla (those spines are a pain to get out of your shoes!) and a real college football team.
It's been pretty great.


  1. Happy 1 year anniversary!!! Did you get snow?

  2. Happy anniversary!! :-)

    We did the complete opposite: we moved from the city where we attended college back to our hometown, which is in the middle of po-dunk USA. Our town has under 2000 people in it. :-) I love it though!

  3. I wish I lived in Arizona. It rains a lot in Vancouver.

  4. Happy anniversary!!

  5. Happy anniversary! Enjoy many more years there!

  6. I'm glad it's been great. And it really is fun living in a town with a college football team :-)

  7. Happy 1 year Tucson Anniversary! I lived there for 11 months while I was in grad school, I thought it was long enough and headed to Phoenix as soon as I could...you are so right that it takes forever to get anywhere!


  8. Hooray for your 1 year anniversary! Glad you traded in your old college town for a new, cooler one :) And hello emissions tests...augh every other year you've gotta get that bad boy. So annoying ha

  9. yay for 1 year anniversaries. We will be in Tucson later this summer. We must hang out.

    Life of A Sports Wife

  10. Wait, are you from NAU?? Haha welcome to Tucson! I grew up in Phx, so for me, this was a serious downgrade in city-ness, but I love it here! I wouldn't have it any other way!! (Says the girl who's moving to Boston in August :P )

  11. I hope you are still loving it here... its just been raining so much. :O)


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