February 7, 2013


I am super obsessed with Revenge. (starts back up on Sunday!) It is an amazing TV show! But more then that, I wanna share a closet (and dress size) with Emily and Ashley!

How beautiful are some of their outfits?!

So chic!

She mirrors her nemesis Victoria in classic beautiful shapes!

I want everything to do with her outfits!

Look she even recycles her purses! I could do that with that wardrobe too!

They even do casual and trendy so well! 

I just want to hang with the cast! They seem so fun and good looking!

Can't wait for the next episode of Revenge!!
Who wants to take me shopping!?


  1. Revenge is my absolute favorite new show. I'm obsessed with it! So excited for Sunday. Also, do you like Amanda (fake Amanda)? I really don't like her character or maybe its the actress. I was so routing for Emily and Jack to be together but now, I'm in love with Aiden. He better come back. Like soon.

  2. I have that show in my instant queue on Netflix and can't wait to start watching it!! I have heard such great things about it. I totally want to share a closet with those girls too!

  3. I am obsessed too! I have been telling my boyfriend about their outfits since the show begin. he needs to step up and fund my mimic-revenge-outfit wardrobe :)

    XO Lourdes

  4. They always look SO beautiful!! I wish I could wear (and fit in) their clothes too!

  5. We can talk all Revenge tomorrow night! Its my fav!

  6. I want to go shopping! Although, I don't even think I can fit in those girls clothes. I watched a teeny bit and am now thinking about watching more. :) I'll someone to talk to about it! xo

  7. ahhh i wish revenge wasn't so scary!! i love shows with good fashion! but you're right - her dresses are awesome!

  8. Yes please...give me that wardrobe. Every week, I think ahhhhhh I want that dress. The blue one you featured has been one of my favorites.

    And can we please talk about the beautiful Barry Sloane (Aidan) for a minute??!

  9. ohhh..... i've been meaning to watch this show, and now I really want to! Love your blog, btw!

  10. I've been wondering if this show was any good! I'm gonna have to start watching!


  11. I don't watch revenge but I have to agree that those outfits are fab!



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