February 26, 2013

Tuesday Topics: The Flowers

I love flowers.
They can instantly turn a mood, space, and feeling around.
Today I will give you the first post on an aspect of my wedding!
(get ready for picture overload!)

The main detail I think I really look back on and say yeah...not how I wanted it....about my wedding were the flowers. (I hope this doesn't get to debbie downer! haha!)

I love peonys.
Here were my inspirations for what I wanted:

My dream bouquet. White with touches of pink.

The bridesmaids inspiration was this, but I wanted them to be all pink instead of white.

Then we would use their bouquets as centerpieces.

This is what I had:
Let me first talk about my charms because they are special.
These were my something blue/old.

The deep blue charm is a charm of my moms. It is Jesus.
The second charm is mine. It is a vintage flower charm that has just the slightest tinge of blue. I don't remember how or where I got it, but I have always kept it.

So the flowers basically had one pink peony stuck in a bunch of white. I think it at least needed two pinks so as not to look way weird and random. I knew they were going to add the calla lily to tie into the guy's boutonnieres, but I think they ended up adding too many.

The guys boutonnieres ended up looking great though!
The guys got a single, Kevin got a double, and the dads got small flowers.

The girls didn't have great bouquets and they ended up not dressing the tables as I had dreamed they would.
And their bouquets and mine had these long ribbons I didn't have time to cut off....haha!

Even worse were the corsages for the moms and grandmoms.
This was what I wanted. A simple pearl bracelet with a spider mum on top.

The flowers ended up not coming in so my florist made an executive decision to change them. They didn't even get a picture taken of them. They were that bad. :-/

My vision for the cake was also not matched, but I was happy with the flowers that adorned the cake.

More wedding posts to come soon!
The Austin Family Diary


  1. I had a wedding flower freak out too. My florist calls me and says we don't have enough of your flower to put into the bouquets, we need you to come look at a different option. I get there and apparently the florist had a brain fart because the flower she showed me as the back up was the one we were using. Doh! At least it wasn't as bad as it could be but still a bit of drama.

  2. Atlaest in the end the look good! I for one Love your wedding flowers they look so beautiful!

  3. GORGEOUS wedding flowers!!! I love your bouquet and table decoration flowers! Super cute! :-)

  4. Peonies are really pretty!
    I thought your wedding flowers turned out wonderful!

  5. I love the smell of peonies!! Even though it wasn't what you wanted, your bouquet was pretty! AND I love picture overload posts!! I love looking through people's pictures.

  6. I loved my flowers except I picked hydrangeas for the bridesmaids bouquets. It was too hot and they ended up wilting. Love the peonies!

  7. i think your wedding flowers looked gorgeous! loved the charms :)

  8. Everything looks beautiful! And I love the peonies. We had monochromatic bouquets with lime green hydrangea and hot pink roses. Nothing crazy.

  9. So i had forgotten about this until I just read your post, but we totally had flower issues at my wedding too! My bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquets were fine but my husbands boutineer was AWFUL! My dad was going around with some pocket knife tool trying to dissect the some of the flower girls head pieces to ADD something to it because it looked pitiful!

  10. oh no, sorry some of your visions weren't executed! That stinks!
    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  11. We had flower issues too =\ They forgot my 'toss bouquet' and we were 2 bout's short. Plus- my bouquet was much smaller than I'd hoped!!

  12. Eeeek!! I'm nervous about my flowers. My vision is very much like yours but with hydrangeas. I'm sorry yours didn't turn out how you wanted! :(


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