February 11, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Things You Don't Know...About Me!

Yay Tuesdays! I love when you roll around!

Four things people don't know about you is the topic...
1. I am
2. a
3. rule
4. breaker

haha get ready for a longer list than four things about me...
I couldn't narrow it down!
And had wayyy to much fun with this post.

I can't stand when people leave the microwave with time left still there. It isn't that hard to clear it! 

I have huge feet. Size 9-10 and I am only fivefoottwo.
That is big and yes there is a whole size dif because I also don't think people can claim on size shoe.
Shoe sizes vary so much with each brand. Plus I probably have the most narrow feet you has ever seen.

I drink lots of water. I have never had a carbonated beverage in my life. I really don't care to be drinking milk, juice, etc...so that leaves me water! (and alcohol)

I can't make shopping decisions to save my life. I practically have to ask my mom about everything because she will know what I like before I do.

I have never dyed my hair. Virgin hair right here.
That will change after my first grey though.
Hair you have been warned!

I am the repeater of songs. Just over and over again.

I was a bed wetter. Like up to the age of 10ish. Medications were tried, sleepovers were a nightmare....you get the idea.

I can't open cinnamon rolls, biscuits, or crescent rolls. ahhhhhhh!

I eat more cheese then you. Period. I love cheese.

My middle sister and I are not far apart in age. Sometimes we would fight. I had a tiny temper on my as a kid and would sometimes hit her. (sorry Tess!) When my mom would catch me or find me after I hit my sister, I would tell her "I hit her because we were playing opposites. Meaning I hit her I love her!" haha....still got grounded.

I love to indulge in chocolate and I rarely feel guilty about it.

I love being married!

When I was in Elementary school I did a play for Hanukkah and I had one line in the entire play. I was so excited! The line was "Look at the Menorah!" Instead it came out "Look at the manure!" Oops....

I love organization...but rarely feel organized

I love puppies.

I could trip over a microscopic pebble. I am one of the clumsiest people ever.

My family has the nickname Lorenzo for me. I am probably one of the only people with a nickname longer than my real name. Never the less, I respond. (Only to my family. No one else can call me that!)

I hate making important phone calls like calling to make an appt or something. At work I am fine...on my personal cell phone I get all weird. Who the heck knows why....

I'm a very nostalgic person. I am constantly reliving memories in my head from my childhood.

I react to onions more than anyone I know. I can cry from upstairs if they are being cut downstairs. Yet oddly enough I don't cry very often. It is really hard to make me cry...

I like to pee in the shower.

I'll stop there.
The Austin Family Diary


  1. I've never dyed my hair either!! And I hate when people leave time on the microwave too...drives me nuts. And I'm also not one for making important phone calls...like for bills or anything of that sort. Thanks for breaking the rules!

  2. I take some comfort in the fact that someone my size also has big feet :) I am 5'3 and have a size 8-9 foot. My mom says I'm short because a few inches were misdirected to my feet instead of my legs lol

  3. I love your long list! I can't make shopping decisions either.. What would we do without our moms?? And I'm also clumsy and avoid phone calls too. This week was fun!

  4. Dying over the crescent/cinnamon roll comment. I am such a spazz opening them.

  5. Fun list! I only drink water too! Always have. I HATE opening those cans-terrifying! I love cheese and chocolate. I hate making phone calls-period. Texting is a lifesaver. I wish I could text everyone.

  6. love your list! i've never dyed my hair either...i don't really need to right now, and there's no way i'm paying that much every couple of months unless i have to!

  7. Love your list, you really went all out eh :)

  8. LOL I used peeing in the shower as a random fact about me one time too, hehe! It's so much easier! And it's true - you save an entire flush per shower!

    Love these facts, we had a bit in common! I'm going to try and post about this once I finish getting ready for work!

  9. haha love these! i pee in the shower sometimes too :) and i swear my heart rate increases whenever i open up those biscut cans lol

  10. apparently we have more in common than we thought - my hubby thinks it's disgusting to pee in the shower...I'm like "WHY?" you get to wash right after! lol. and biscuits? I REFUSE to open them too!! lots more in common - these were fun to read!

  11. LOVE! I like to pee in the shower too, and yes, it totally helps save the environment. Go us!

    I have big feet too, like, the exact size range as you. Have you noticed how hard it is to find cute, comfy shoes?

  12. I can't believe believe you have NEVER had a carbonated beverage. It's probably for the best, though. I also love being married! And I actually get pissed when I start onion crying because I can't finish cooking!

  13. Love your list. You nickname is awesome. And I'm in shock that you've never had a carbonated beverage! Also, my love for cheese is a little obsessive, too. My feet are the same size as yours, though I tend to lean more towards the 10 size because my feet never went back to normal after having our little one.

  14. Love the list! Right there with you on 5, 6, and 21 :)


  15. You've never had a carbonated beverage in your life? Crazy!!

  16. Everything in here (except for 3,4,7,12,16) describes me! Love this!

    Just so you know. My nickname has 7 more letters than my real name :)

    PS... I hate making appt calls! Even ordering pizza.

    XO Lourdes


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