February 18, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Three Stores

If you know anything about me, you know that I pretty much live at 

Fave store forever!
Ask me at any given day (if I am not wearing scrubs) where my shirt, pants, etc...came from, it would be Marshall's!

Second right now would have to be Home Goods. haha what a shocker! Right across the street from Marshall's it makes for a convenient shopping trip!

Third right now would have to be Wayfair! (Can you tell I am in a home buying mood?!)
I am currently waiting on this baby to arrive!
Belgium Panel Bed
I'll take a better picture when it arrives! Boo on having to wait till March 7th!
The Austin Family Diary


  1. Never heard of Wayfair - may have to look into it! :)

  2. Oh, I love Marshall's too! I'm all about the bargain stores! I'll have to check out Wayfair. I've never head of it.

  3. I have never heard of Wayfair or Home Goods LOL hahahah :D Great list though!

  4. I've never been to any of those stores.....I feel like a failure! ;-)

  5. that bed would go perfect in our room! I wonder if we have the same style?? lol. we just bought a chair that would match that EXACTLY for our room....I'm wanting to do a mini-seating section in our room since we actually have space for that! haha.

  6. Marshall's and Home Goods are fabulous!! Just great deals :)


  7. I have a love hate relationship with Home Goods. I love it because there are such great finds but I hate it because I always spend too much money in there - on things I DONT need! :) My husband hates it so I find it fun to torture him and bring him there when he is annoying me!

    Classy with a Kick

  8. I love Marshall's! But, I've never heard of Mayfair.. haha :D

  9. I like Marshall's and those types of stores (TJ Maxx etc.) but I have to be in the right mood to sort through everything!

  10. I haven't been to Home Goods but, honestly, I'm afraid to go because I might go crazy. So I'm staying away!



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