March 31, 2013

The Best Baking Tip Ever

I hope everyone is having a great Easter! He has risen!
This was my first holiday making the meal. I will have my whole weekend recap tomorrow.
It was a pretty good weekend if I do say so myself.

Anyway I am popping in today to give you the best baking tip EVER! (okay debatable, but it got me excited!)
Now, I know I am not great in the kitchen, but since getting married and needing to cook for my family (aka. Kevin) I have been trying and trying. Some successes and some failures (ie. the white pizza, orange chicken...)

This weekend I made chocolate chip cookies.
For some reason they did not turn out well.

But anyway, one of the ingredients in cookies is brown sugar.
My brown sugar hadn't been used in a while and were in bricks.

I started to throw it away and then stopped. Why throw all of this away? There has got to be something I can do...

Now melting it was out of the question. It would ruin the texture. 
I basically did a bunch of thinking. 
Googling it would have been too easy...

So then it came to me and it worked:

Take a damp paper towel and put it over your brown sugar bricks and put into a glass container with lid.
Zap in the microwave for 20 seconds. Re-wet the paper towel and replace and break up more of the bricks. Zap for another 15 min and you are good as gold brown sugar!

March 29, 2013

Pie Bites

Pi day happened (3/16). Hey Vail threw me off on the blogging and this is too good not to share! Anyway, I found myself with a husband who minored in math telling me that it is Pi day and pie sounds good.

Here I am too lazy to go to the store and in a time crunch with dinner.
What is a girl to do?

Come up with her own random concoction that was pretty darn amazing.
Husband approved.

I give to you:
 Lauren's Easy Pie Bites

If you can call them pies. If not, name them whatever you like. But they are good and easy!

Tube of crescent rolls
Raspberry Jam
Some Cream cheese
Some leftover strawberry cream cheese (you can get away with this and have more reg cream cheese, but why the heck not use it up right?!)

Mix together the jam and cream cheese(s) and lay out the crescent rolls in triangles on the cookie sheet. There are no measurements in this recipe, notice that?! haha! You really can't do this wrong.

Then add the mixture onto the crescent roll. Roll it on up. 

Combine some sugar and cinnamon.

Dip those crescent rolls into them and sprinkle some extra cinnamon sugar on for good measure!

Cook according to the crescent roll package and you are good to go!

March 28, 2013

Ask Me Anything: Answers!

Remember this post?
Well there were some questions and I have some answers!

Rachel inquired:  What made you decide to be a nurse?
Well I guess I would say that would be my sister who inspired me to be a nurse.
She was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was five. Going to a hospital is never usually a positive thing (unless you are having a baby). If I could make the experience the best I could for someone, that would be awesome. I always get that question in job interviews. I feel like I never answer it eloquently.

She also inquired: Do you plan to always work as a nurse or do you have other career/lifestyle dreams?
I do always plan to work as a nurse, but you never know. I will have kids one day and hopefully I have the right job and be able to work while having kids. I think the nice thing about nursing is there are so many different areas that I could find something different if I needed to.
i would hopefully catch on!

Jen wondered: If you weren't a nurse what would you want to be?
I could do many a things. I would either say party/wedding planner or something to do with marketing sports. haha totally different huh.

Megan asked: What is the most embarrassing thing that EVER happened to you in high school?
I don't really have a memory that stands out as an embarrassing high school memory. :-/

She also asked: What is something nice you have done for a stranger and they didn't even know you did it?
I try to do little nice things whenever I can for anyone. The other day my neighbor's dog escaped his yard into the street. I brought him back to the yard and shut the gate. Safe puppy!

And then asked: What thing do you really like that is really cheese ball and is embarrassing to admit?
I love me some funny cheesy jokes...
HAHAHAHA I love this!
harry potter jokes harry potter jokes harry potter jokes
I clearly also love Harry Potter...

Hilda asked: How do you juggle life and blogging?
Well first off I cannot juggle. tee hee...?
I seriously think without blogging, moving to Tucson and knowing no one would have been a nightmare.
I can always make time for blogging because I love it!

She also wants to know: If you had the opportunity to publish a book, what would it be about? Give us all the juicy news. Lol, yeah, we are so nosy. :P
Well with a review like that I may have to name my book Lauren Thompson: Exposed.
Naw, my book would probably be a real girls guide to medicine or about being proactive in your health. Some where up that line. I love fiction but I will leave that to J.K. Rowling...

One more question: How hard was it to advertise your blog when you first began? How did you get so many followers? 
Well I just started advertising, so if anyone wants to sponsor me :-) Shameless plug!
So many followers? That is flattering! 
I write. I hope that people follow me because they just like to read my writing and be my best friends!

Megan wants to know: What were you like in high school?
I went to a pretty sizeable high school. My graduating class was over 500. I swam all through high school, therefore transfering to the school in the city that had a swim team. I took AP classes, I did choir, I also did Student Government. I met my husband. I did even do a stint of Tennis Team. I was very surprised but my senior year I was prom princess. After one year I realized I best leave that to my sisters. I enjoyed high school!
 oh wow, graduation day! we were so young! Look at my super smarty salutatorian husband!

swim captain--junior year. Love Oh that fake smile and wet hair at 6am after a super hard swim practice!

My IRL friend Danielle got silly with her questions! How often are you supposed to poop?
First off, everyone is different. Most of the time girls poop less then guys. All you need to know is if you go 3+ days without pooping, you might want some fiber! Told you that you couldn't embarrass me with any questions!

She also asked: Why is your friend Danielle so amazing and Will you come back to me? I miss you!
I don't know, but you are amazing! I would love to come back to you as often as I can. Your husband needs a job here!

Erin is dying to know: What is the most random thing you have in your purse? :)
A coupon. I actually just cleaned out my purse, so nothing totally random in there right now. :-)

Stephen ponders: Have you ever wanted to step out of your life, and escape to something, somewhere, or somewhen else? If so, what?
I think we all have?? Am I the only one out there?
I don't have any specific ideas...

Thanks guys for the questions! This was fun!

March 27, 2013

Vail Vacation Recap

I am behind on catching up. Here is a long picture happy post for you!

Vail was so much fun!
So Tuesday we flew in to Denver and I got this amazing picture out the window. A lady next to me saw how it turned out and she and the lady next to her and the lady next to her all proceeded to ask me to take pictures outside my window for them. It was a breathtaking view.

Once we arrived in Denver, we drove to Vail, settled in and went out to dinner. Kevin, me, his aunt, and uncle stayed out and planned to do a little bar hopping. We went to one bar, but it was still fun!
 Getting ready for dinner!

Why did we go to one bar you ask?
Well Arizona you guys need to work on your IDs...

We get there and they look at my ID, they frown and don't immediately give it back, then their eye goes to Kevin's ID and they drop mine and give it back. Both of our IDs have different colored backgrounds, the lighting on both photos are terrible, and it is barely our face. 

So on Kevin's, it is so barely his face, that on his ID pic they cut off his chin. 
The bar didn't like that and said it was fake.

Well lame, we don't need this, let's just go somewhere else.
Nope, they keep your ID until the cops show up and verify that you aren't fake.
Well fanny fan. We wait....wait......and.............wait.
Btw while we wait, we wow the people at the bar with our ID expiration date.
My drivers licence does not expire until I am 65.
So then the cop shows up.
SWEAR he was younger than us!
And sure enough Kevin is not 18.
Late night fun!

At least they treat us to a round of shots for our troubles.
And of course we continue to stay for the drinks and live music....
Eh I am not good at hopping anyway.

Wednesday we went skiing. A little scratchy snow, but still fun!

Thursday was a snowy snowy day! We stayed in and bummed around until the afternoon.
We decided to bear the cold and the snow and go watch The Great American Ski Classic Race.
We had an excellent place to stand. So excellent that I got pelted with a lot of snow at one point.
Way to go reflexes.
At least Kevin got a kick out of it...
Me and Kevin's grandparents bearing the snow. Yes I do have long johns underneath those pants and so many, many layers under my ski jacket.

It did end up clearing up but the poor contestants had quite the course to ski down. 

This is Kevin and I at the ski classic. This is post a whole bunch of snow thrown in my face. 

We go to the ski classic every year and there is always a concert after. I just so happen to have a picture of us at our very first one which I thought was crazy to compare to this years.
I told ya! Crazy!

Then we went for some yummy margs to warm us up.
And they sure did!

Friday was a great ski day with all the fresh powder from Thursday. It was also colder!
All bundled up in the Gondola

Then pizza completed the night!

Saturday we had to drive back to Denver and the snow was bad.
Our rental car...yes car, did not have 4 wheel drive.
Poor Kevin was stressed the whole drive. The roads were bad.
We are not used to that in the desert.
yay freeway!

We take a break for lunch to clear our minds and the street.
Then we got back to the stressful roads and found our hotel room.
Took a nap, watched tv, just hung out.

Then we went to the Denver Nuggets game!
We watched them win their 15th game in a row!
And it was really cool to go to my first NBA game.

Sunday was a lazy day. We went by Sports Authority Field, Coors Field, and Downtown Denver and I got a little picture crazy...
We were the only people there! Thanks snowy Sunday.
The horse!! 
Hey downtown Denver!

The oldest church in Denver

Then we did meet Kaitlyn and Ryan for lunch.
So good to meet Ryan and see Kaitlyn again! I wish she still lived with me in AZ!

Now I am back and have successfully caught up on blogs, am drowning in laundry, and cleaning house. Fun fun!

March 26, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Eight Fave Posts

I am one of those people who really enjoys looking back at my blog posts.
I think over the time of blogging my posts have gotten better and I can't wait to write many more posts. Mainly about the wedding and the house!

But here are some of my favorite posts I have written to date:

I have enjoyed working on my house. I plan to write about everything did and will do. The first thing thus far I have written about was changing the door hardware!

I like to get real with you all and talk about boobs.

I talk about what kind of blogger I am.

I enjoyed taking you guys to my hometown.

I think we all have a hard time balancing everything in life sometimes.

I also did a post at Tiffany's giving her the nitty gritty.
(No I did not mean to freak her out, just to prepare her for CB (and any other women that the post reaches). I think any first time mom thinks and is scared about CB and the last thing on my list about CB I think makes it all worth it!

I loved when my BBFs (best blogger friends) Tiffany and Kaitlyn announced their pregnancies!
And about our blates! Oh and this blate too!

That is more than eight but know also that I love all the posts on your Tuesday Topics. It is so cool to see such totally different posts each week written on the same subject matter. Thanks to everyone who participates!
The Austin Family Diary

March 21, 2013

Ski Style

As most of you know, I am in Vail, CO. Skiing is something Kevin taught me and we try to do every year together. Kevin's grandparents have a time share up here in Vail so we always go for a fun vacation!

Plus it works out perfectly because the good snow comes to AZ in the winter and to CO in the spring so we can usually get in two trips a year. :-)

Now I may not be a beauty blogger, but over the years skiing I have some beauty tips for you to look cute while keeping things to a minimum. Grab your skis (or snowboard) and let's go!!

1. Wear Sunscreen
This is the most crucial of the beauty tips. Anything SPF 30 and above. This will help protect you from those long days on the slope.
product image
Love this stuff! And it is only 4.99!

2. Minimize Mascara
I do not like waterproof mascara, and if you do, you can do this on the slopes, but I have found that if I just keep mine to a minimum and it won't run and you will look glamorous!

3. Moisturize
Do not skip this step. All the cold wind blowing as you ski will need a nice moisture layer to protect that beautiful skin!
4. Skip the Blush
You will get rosy cheeks from the wind and cold. No need for blush. Add some additional lotion with sunscreen so you do not have chapped cheeks!

5. Use lots of Chapstick
Forget lipstick. Your lips will have color in them from all that exercise, so just keep them from being a chapped, hurt mess! If it has SPF in it, even better! Then keep it with you and reapply!
6. Control your Hair
The girls in the ski modeling photos will have long gorgeous locks coming down the mountain. But reality is once you reach the bottom it will be a tangled mess. Put your hair in a cute bun, pony tail, braids, or even pig tails. It looks nice under the hat! Almost looks like your hair is down...without it being down. ;-)
Fake smiles when it is freezing everybody!

7. Less is More
Do not waste your expensive MAC makeup when your face will be hidden behind your goggles and scarves. Keep it simple and not too much!

8. Have fun!
Now I can dream of looking amazing and sexy on the slopes. Who wants to give me lots of money for this dream....anyone?!

Apres Ski is so fun. My Pinterest board proves that I dream of the perfect wardrobe.



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xoxo <3

March 20, 2013

Hi Erin!

I am skiing my little bum off today, so Erin is taking over today! She is a super awesome girl and blogger, so stop by and say hello!

Hi Lovely Life.Love.Lauren readers! My name is Erin and I blog over at Living Laughing & Loving Life. In my little corner of the internet, I indulge on writing about my every day life. I never really knew how to do anything like this but always knew I wanted to. Because it my space to tell you about my life and what goes on in it. I am a believer in Fate. I believe My God will always lead the way, I always count on Him to lead me. And it never fails. Now for a little bit more about me.
 I am 26, I am engaged to the man of my dreams and I cannot wait to become his Mrs coming in April of 2014. We have been living together for almost 2 years. It has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. But it has all been amazing.
 I have an amazing family, I have 2 families. My Mom and Step Dad and My Dad and My Step Mom and 3 amazing younger siblings, although they are half I still consider them my brothers and sister. I guess you could say God has blessed me in incredible ways. 

Yep that is me and my crazy fiance. The best part of day. Always. 

Mom and Step Dad
Daddy and Step Mom and my 3 siblings. This is an old picture. Obvi we are all older now. S is 16 W 14 and E is 8. 

To add a little more fun to my life. I did not go to college but a womping 2 years..maybe.. it just was not for me. But I am proud to say that I did accomplish something in my life. When I decided to "quit" school I decided I wanted to do something for me. Something that I have always dreamed of doing. And that is doing hair and make up. So what did I do? I enrolled in The Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology in Texas (when my mom and step dad and I lived there) I was very proud of myself. But I was so nervous once I graduated because that meant I would have to go take the State Board Exam, Written and Hands On. I did not pass the written the first time and it really brought me down, but I took that sucker again and passed it, then came the Hands On part of the State Board. Talk about being nervous.. I was a nervous wreck! But I ended up passing.. Surprisingly.. Because I was not good at cutting hair at all! But I did it. And I was so proud of myself. Although I am not practicing it right now I plan on going back into it. Because I enjoy doing it. 

And in case ya'll want to know more, here is Seven random facts about me:

1// I am a huge Twilight Saga Fan. I read all of the books and saw all of the movies. 
2// I am a Southern Girl who loves The South and will never leave it
3// I am a huge reality TV junkie, you name it I will probably watch it. I love me some TV time. 
4// Coffee and Wine are my go to drinks for the most part. Or if not one of those.. Diet Dr. Pepper has my heart as well. 
5// I LOVE LOVE LOVE Country Music if you are in my car I guarantee there will be Country Music Playing. 
6// My favorite Movies include: 
Pitch Perfect
The Notebook
Safe Haven
Magic Mike 
Crazy Stupid Love 
7// I have 2 Fur Babies. Allie and Tinkerbelle. 

I hope ya'll have enjoyed getting to know me and will stop on over. Remember to Live your Life to the Fullest, and never give up on anything. Thank You Lauren for letting me share a piece of myself on your wonderful blog. Thank you Life.Love.Lauren Readers for letting me be apart of your lives. Have a wonderful day ya'll!! 

March 19, 2013

Tuesday Topics: 9 Things I won't Change my Mind on

Yay! Today is the day I am finally off to Vail! So excited! Keep up with me via Instagram! Yep! See that gold glittery social media button? Click it!

Click it!

K. Good.
I'll check in here when I can!

Now onto the things you won't change my mind on:

1. God.
I believe.

2. Football.
Denver Broncos baby! Looks like Wes Welker wants to win a super bowl this year!

3. Family.
God Love em!

4. Chocolate.
Yeah. Lots of it too.

5. Love.
That forever kind of thing.

6. White and Navy.
Hence why I am excited about my MK bag. We are going to do some damage this summer!

7. High count thread sheets.
Nothing is better than getting into a clean bed with high quality sheets!

8. My political beliefs.
I have them and they are strong. however I always love to discuss other points of view to either strengthen or augment my view on a subject.
Just most likely never on this blog.

9. Carbonation 
(here is looking at you Cody!) hehe!
Never have, never will!

What are you stubborn about?
The Austin Family Diary

March 17, 2013

Fast Weekend

It was a fast one!
Friday was fun because I had a blate right here in lil ol Tucson!
Alli and Shauna were the sexy ladies I got to hang out with!
We had so much fun at a really cute restaurant!
We ate all sorts of appetizers, drank cocktails out of mason jars, and included some wine!

So yummy! We talked life and I can't wait to continue being IRL (in real life) friends with these girls!

Shauna had to leave (she was also going to be partying it up on Saturday! You go girl) So I dragged Alli along to meet my husband and out friends at a bar. It was burlesque night.
Yeah we really know how to have one wholesome first blate!
I even got a guy (not my husband) to buy me a drink! heck yes!
Alli, me, and my friend Brianne

Then Saturday Kevin and I got the front yard worked on. Those weeds and leaves aren't going to manage themselves.
Oh the joy of being a homeowner! Kevin got to fix his first broken pipe on our dripper system. Thankfully he is a handy man and it was a success! And thankfully not super expensive!!!

We plopped on the couch being tired, I made us a homemade pizza, and we watched a movie.

Sunday I had a bit of a fail trying a Pinterest breakfast recipe. Kevin states he liked it but I wasn't a fan of my mess up version of a cheese danish.

Then I got some laundry done, took out the suitcases to start packing for Vail (yay! I leave Tuesday!!)

Then we went to our friend Mike's house for some St. Patty's Day celebrations!
I wore green shorts! I promise! And a green purse!

He did the best job cooking. I ate all of my ham and cabbage soup (and had seconds), had corned beef in Guinness gravy, and Colcannon (which I didn't think I would like, but did!)

We played some bocce ball and of course I brought the non authentic cuisine of the night.
Hey it was chocolate!
And no I did not feel like correcting the Spanish lady that it is St. Patrick(s) Day

I also did make the switch to bloglovin. We shall see how I like it. 
I haven't read any posts off there yet, but I did organize my blogs into categories.
Win for the OCD!

BTW Denver people, any fun things to do, and eat while I am up there for a day?

Fun weekends are fast weekends!
Hope you all had a good weekend!

Linking up with Sami, Leann, Sarah, and Molly!
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