March 28, 2013

Ask Me Anything: Answers!

Remember this post?
Well there were some questions and I have some answers!

Rachel inquired:  What made you decide to be a nurse?
Well I guess I would say that would be my sister who inspired me to be a nurse.
She was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was five. Going to a hospital is never usually a positive thing (unless you are having a baby). If I could make the experience the best I could for someone, that would be awesome. I always get that question in job interviews. I feel like I never answer it eloquently.

She also inquired: Do you plan to always work as a nurse or do you have other career/lifestyle dreams?
I do always plan to work as a nurse, but you never know. I will have kids one day and hopefully I have the right job and be able to work while having kids. I think the nice thing about nursing is there are so many different areas that I could find something different if I needed to.
i would hopefully catch on!

Jen wondered: If you weren't a nurse what would you want to be?
I could do many a things. I would either say party/wedding planner or something to do with marketing sports. haha totally different huh.

Megan asked: What is the most embarrassing thing that EVER happened to you in high school?
I don't really have a memory that stands out as an embarrassing high school memory. :-/

She also asked: What is something nice you have done for a stranger and they didn't even know you did it?
I try to do little nice things whenever I can for anyone. The other day my neighbor's dog escaped his yard into the street. I brought him back to the yard and shut the gate. Safe puppy!

And then asked: What thing do you really like that is really cheese ball and is embarrassing to admit?
I love me some funny cheesy jokes...
HAHAHAHA I love this!
harry potter jokes harry potter jokes harry potter jokes
I clearly also love Harry Potter...

Hilda asked: How do you juggle life and blogging?
Well first off I cannot juggle. tee hee...?
I seriously think without blogging, moving to Tucson and knowing no one would have been a nightmare.
I can always make time for blogging because I love it!

She also wants to know: If you had the opportunity to publish a book, what would it be about? Give us all the juicy news. Lol, yeah, we are so nosy. :P
Well with a review like that I may have to name my book Lauren Thompson: Exposed.
Naw, my book would probably be a real girls guide to medicine or about being proactive in your health. Some where up that line. I love fiction but I will leave that to J.K. Rowling...

One more question: How hard was it to advertise your blog when you first began? How did you get so many followers? 
Well I just started advertising, so if anyone wants to sponsor me :-) Shameless plug!
So many followers? That is flattering! 
I write. I hope that people follow me because they just like to read my writing and be my best friends!

Megan wants to know: What were you like in high school?
I went to a pretty sizeable high school. My graduating class was over 500. I swam all through high school, therefore transfering to the school in the city that had a swim team. I took AP classes, I did choir, I also did Student Government. I met my husband. I did even do a stint of Tennis Team. I was very surprised but my senior year I was prom princess. After one year I realized I best leave that to my sisters. I enjoyed high school!
 oh wow, graduation day! we were so young! Look at my super smarty salutatorian husband!

swim captain--junior year. Love Oh that fake smile and wet hair at 6am after a super hard swim practice!

My IRL friend Danielle got silly with her questions! How often are you supposed to poop?
First off, everyone is different. Most of the time girls poop less then guys. All you need to know is if you go 3+ days without pooping, you might want some fiber! Told you that you couldn't embarrass me with any questions!

She also asked: Why is your friend Danielle so amazing and Will you come back to me? I miss you!
I don't know, but you are amazing! I would love to come back to you as often as I can. Your husband needs a job here!

Erin is dying to know: What is the most random thing you have in your purse? :)
A coupon. I actually just cleaned out my purse, so nothing totally random in there right now. :-)

Stephen ponders: Have you ever wanted to step out of your life, and escape to something, somewhere, or somewhen else? If so, what?
I think we all have?? Am I the only one out there?
I don't have any specific ideas...

Thanks guys for the questions! This was fun!


  1. Aw, high school sweethearts!

    Love those ecards too.

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. Oh my gosh, some of those like the poop question is hilarious!! Thanks so much for answering my questions, I had so much fun!!! Will you be doing this again later on? :D

  3. Ha ha...I love the poop question. As someone who has had two surgeries in the past three years, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am of nurses. So thank you a million times for doing what you do! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  4. Love this! The poop question is hysterical! :-)

    When I saw the pic of you and your hubby at graduation, I thought to myself "Wow, he must be super smart" when I saw the word Salutatorian.

    I was in choir as well, so sing on sista'!

  5. I LOVE your LOVE of Harry Potter!

  6. I guess it is true that it is hard to embarrass nurses. Adorable picture of you and your husband- so sweet you knew each other in high school.

  7. What fun, random questions. I love how hard people tried to embarass you. ;-)

  8. Fun questions! I loved reading your answers :D I am also a huge Harry Potter fan!

  9. That is so sweet you two are high school sweethearts! <3

  10. I love this. I once wanted to be a wedding planner. I still think it would be cool but too stressful.

  11. oh this is so fun, love all your answers! and we are hs sweethearts too!!

  12. Thanks for answering! How awesome you were high school sweethearts.

  13. Bahaha sweet cell in the HS pic...pretty sure I had the same one :D

  14. Thanks for answering my question. These were fun to read! :)

  15. Oh I think an event planner would be fun to an extent - and sometimes, I think being a nurse could be fun but I'm not a fan of blood.

  16. Oh how I love posts like this..because I'm somewhat of a creeper...
    Those harry potter jokes are hilarious and the poop question? I died.

  17. Aww I wish we had gotten to wear graduation outfits when I was in highschool, too cute!

    Life of Ally

  18. I love this and I love getting to know you better! I went to a big high school too (but my graduating class was a little more than 500... it was about 1,200!)


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