March 8, 2013

Big Sister

I am going home this weekend to see my family and wanted to take this Friday to remember growing up with my two sisters.

Being only two and a half years apart, Tess and I hung out a lot. Most of my childhood memories include her. I remember trying to hold her (much to her dismay sometimes), I remember playing dress up with her, I remember bath time funnies with her, I remember being with her.

We decided that we wanted another little sister (we were just having so much fun!) and we prayed HARD for one.

As we got older I wish I could say I was the best older sister ever. But I was not. Because we did everything together, you can imagine that we fought the most too. Nothing serious, always something dumb and petty. But unfortuantely I did have a temper. But as the years went on, that closeness went away. My fault, I became a teenager and remember vividly closing her out of my room when all she wanted to do was hang out with my and my friends. Tears shed and everything. Now that I think about it, it really gets me that I was like that. We did this all while fighting for bathroom space mind you ;) haha

Ellie is further in age from me. We really weren't that close young. That is not to say that we didn't have our laughs and fun times together and with Tess as well. But Ellie was dealing with more than any child ever should have been. 

I remember the day she was born. I was picked up from school excited to go to ballet when I was told mom was at the hospital having our baby sister. Ballet left my mind and I was excited to get to the hospital (I guess I have had a thing for hospitals for a while huh!)

I remember wanting to hold her, being told to be very careful. I remember growing up with my two little sisters showing very distinct personalities. Tess: effortlessly funny (still is), the one who dived up presents at Christmas (still is), and the sleeper (still is). Ellie: the smile (still is) and laid-back (still is).

I am excited to go home to visit them. It is funny how our roles have seemed to swap as we got older. (At least they did for me.) When Tess was younger, all she cared about was spending time with me, following me, and playing with me. She looked up to me so much. But in high school, I started looking up to her. I also started wanting to be closer to Ellie (which we were) I also wanted to protect them from the pain of other mean, jealous teenage girls or stupid boys. My younger sisters became my role models. They became who I wanted to be. They are kind, loving, compassionate, strong, smart... so many things and all the good things you ever wanted to be all rolled up into one.

 I love them so much, and I won't lie, sometimes I wish I could rewind the clock... just so we can spend all our afternoons together again out in the backyard playing, pretending, imagining.
Not worried about anything else in the world, except for each other.


  1. This makes me want a sister :)

  2. I have two sisters too! (and a brother) Its funny how living away makes you appreciate them so much more. I read your blog about your younger sister- I really think I take health for granted sometimes.
    This was such a heartwarming post :-)

  3. What a sweet post! I have a younger sister, and we've gotten closer over the past few years because we live nearby. Being a big sister is an important job!

  4. This is too precious. So sad I never had any sisters, but once I'm married... I will :) yay for that!

  5. That is great that you guys are able to get together again! Siblings are such a special relationship--I look forward to the day when all 7 of us kids can be in the same place. My younger sister was only 2 when I moved out, though, so I can definitely understand not having so much childhood in common with siblings when you have an age difference!

  6. Sisterly bonds are so special. Thanks for sharing about yours. :-)

  7. What a sweet post, Lauren!! You are a fantastic big sister, I just know it :) My only sister and I are just 2 years apart too so I have amazing memories of our childhood. Of all the fun we had of course, but we used to drive each other crazy too. Guess that's just how sisters are!

    Have fun with your fam this weekend!! :)

  8. That is so sweet! :D

    My sister used to do that to me too and sadly that is how we got separated (when she was a teenager) but now we are close again, just not too close. :(

  9. Aw, what a sweet post! Your sisters are lucky to have you. Hope you have a great weekend with them!

  10. Sisters are so much fun. I have one who is 8 years younger, and for a long time we have more of a babysitter/child relationship, but as she gets older we become better and better friends, and I love it!!

  11. This makes me miss my sister. I haven't seen her in like 7 months :(


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