March 17, 2013

Fast Weekend

It was a fast one!
Friday was fun because I had a blate right here in lil ol Tucson!
Alli and Shauna were the sexy ladies I got to hang out with!
We had so much fun at a really cute restaurant!
We ate all sorts of appetizers, drank cocktails out of mason jars, and included some wine!

So yummy! We talked life and I can't wait to continue being IRL (in real life) friends with these girls!

Shauna had to leave (she was also going to be partying it up on Saturday! You go girl) So I dragged Alli along to meet my husband and out friends at a bar. It was burlesque night.
Yeah we really know how to have one wholesome first blate!
I even got a guy (not my husband) to buy me a drink! heck yes!
Alli, me, and my friend Brianne

Then Saturday Kevin and I got the front yard worked on. Those weeds and leaves aren't going to manage themselves.
Oh the joy of being a homeowner! Kevin got to fix his first broken pipe on our dripper system. Thankfully he is a handy man and it was a success! And thankfully not super expensive!!!

We plopped on the couch being tired, I made us a homemade pizza, and we watched a movie.

Sunday I had a bit of a fail trying a Pinterest breakfast recipe. Kevin states he liked it but I wasn't a fan of my mess up version of a cheese danish.

Then I got some laundry done, took out the suitcases to start packing for Vail (yay! I leave Tuesday!!)

Then we went to our friend Mike's house for some St. Patty's Day celebrations!
I wore green shorts! I promise! And a green purse!

He did the best job cooking. I ate all of my ham and cabbage soup (and had seconds), had corned beef in Guinness gravy, and Colcannon (which I didn't think I would like, but did!)

We played some bocce ball and of course I brought the non authentic cuisine of the night.
Hey it was chocolate!
And no I did not feel like correcting the Spanish lady that it is St. Patrick(s) Day

I also did make the switch to bloglovin. We shall see how I like it. 
I haven't read any posts off there yet, but I did organize my blogs into categories.
Win for the OCD!

BTW Denver people, any fun things to do, and eat while I am up there for a day?

Fun weekends are fast weekends!
Hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. So bummed I missed the blate! Looks like you girls had fun! I love that pic of you and Kevin from today--you look beautiful!

  2. Love that picture! Hope you don't mind me stealing it for my blog post!

    I had so much fun with you guys! We have to do it again soon!

  3. The one thing that I do not miss in AZ is the weeds! Good luck on that one. You look so cute with Kevin in that picture! xo

  4. Looks like it was a really fun blate. And ... somehow I don't think the Spanish maybe grasp the whole St Patrick's Day thing. Herein the gap between Celtic and Iberian blood!

  5. What a great weekend! I loved reading about your blate. Way to get a guy to buy you a drink. ;-)

  6. Hello from your new follower! I love your blog Lauren!

  7. Looks like an awesome weekend!! And a wonderful first blate! :)

  8. we went to keystone in february and at one night at a pizza place at breckenridge - i think it was called downstairs at eric's - delicious dinner!

    by the way, this ND girl is totally jealous that you can even wear shorts right now :)

  9. yay for a vacation in vail and yay for meeting up with more tucson bloggers, we both knew there HAD to be more for sure, where was the blate?

  10. The cake! We went to a Mexican restaurant for St. Pattys day. John was not happy. They aren't even serving alcohol. Oops.

  11. I can tell that you all had a blast! That cake looks too good to eat! The spelling thing is funny though.



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