March 31, 2013

The Best Baking Tip Ever

I hope everyone is having a great Easter! He has risen!
This was my first holiday making the meal. I will have my whole weekend recap tomorrow.
It was a pretty good weekend if I do say so myself.

Anyway I am popping in today to give you the best baking tip EVER! (okay debatable, but it got me excited!)
Now, I know I am not great in the kitchen, but since getting married and needing to cook for my family (aka. Kevin) I have been trying and trying. Some successes and some failures (ie. the white pizza, orange chicken...)

This weekend I made chocolate chip cookies.
For some reason they did not turn out well.

But anyway, one of the ingredients in cookies is brown sugar.
My brown sugar hadn't been used in a while and were in bricks.

I started to throw it away and then stopped. Why throw all of this away? There has got to be something I can do...

Now melting it was out of the question. It would ruin the texture. 
I basically did a bunch of thinking. 
Googling it would have been too easy...

So then it came to me and it worked:

Take a damp paper towel and put it over your brown sugar bricks and put into a glass container with lid.
Zap in the microwave for 20 seconds. Re-wet the paper towel and replace and break up more of the bricks. Zap for another 15 min and you are good as gold brown sugar!


  1. If you use brown sugar a lot (haha doesn't sound like you do) you can buy small clay things (mine is a bear) to go into the sugar. You soak it in water and then put it with your sugar. Repeat every few months. I don't know the technical name of the clay bear... Sugar bear... Sugar softener... Whatever lol... But I got mine on eBay for like $2!

  2. Wow both great tips! I had no idea! We just bought our first bag of brown sugar for the new house so I will have to keep this in mind.

  3. yup great tip!! i have heard about putting the brown sugar in the microwave for a bit but didn't hear about the damp towel thanks for sharing this

  4. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!


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