March 6, 2013

The Time I got Naked in Public + Decided Pants Were Not for Me

Okay so this is actually not the first time I have gotten naked in public. Gosh I hope I don't get too much spam from the content of this post....

Gosh that was also the longest post title ever!

All through high school I swam. Being a swimmer, sometimes deck changes were a necessity. No matter what my body looks like, swimming really never taught me to be shy about my body in front of girls. Changing on deck or in a locker room...we all have the same parts right? I never just stood there naked either. I get changed quick...

But yeah as usual, I find myself rambling, but I was looking back at some old pictures and came across pictures when I had my blate with Tiffany and Kaitlyn! We went to breakfast and just talked like we were best friends forever. And then woah we were running out of time and I had to get to work! (I was only a tiny bit late.)

So what is a girl to do? I had to come to work in scrubs, so being the weirdo I am I jumped into the trunk to change my pants and into the car to change my shirt. I don't know why I didn't just jump in the car for the whole thing, but whatever...I am weird.

I also fairly certain that Kaitlyn and Tiffany think that I am the weirdest person to walk the planet earth.

Except for maybe the man that we asked to take a picture of all of us. He could be weirder... 

I can't even explain this man. He was just....something.

I also decided pants are for the birds.

Getting out of tight jeans in a trunk can be quite the feat!

Assuming you do not consider leggings pants. 

You can wear them anywhere.

As I write this post to you in leggings now, I think about yesterday...the day I tore a beloved pair of leggings.
I now need to go to the mall and get another pair.
I have two problems:
one. the mall is far away and I am lazy (which has been nice for my wallet)
two. a lot of leggings now go down to the ankles. I tore my only pair that goes to just the knees.
I buy my leggings from Charlotte Russe (that is the only thing I buy there. Not a fan of that store) because they are cheap. Hence why I probably tore them...

I think I might want to venture out of the world of all black leggings and hope that the others are just as comfortable. Where can I get these?


or these if I can pull them off...


I can't tell whether these are jean leggings or leather leggings. Either way I am cool to want her legs those leggings.

Anyone have suggestions of where I go buy some more leggings?


  1. I think we should all just agree that it's allowable to wear pyjama pants in public.

  2. I love to wear my night wear pjs in public parties. I have heard about romwe's galacy & floral printed tights are so famous. You should check it :)
    Aree With Umbrella

  3. I never want to spent much money on leggings, so I'll go wherever they are colorful and half-off. I've had good ones from Kohl's and Target. Also Icing, surprisingly. And American Eagle but those are a bit pricier...

  4. I'm a big fan of Jcrew's leggings as well GAP's leggings. Just remember to keep both cheeks coverend. Women in my town often forget this rule. :)

  5. Oh your naked trunk move...I was in utter disbelief...lovess youuuu

  6. You know how they say "leggings aren't pants"- my question is why not? Anything that comfortable should not be forbidden as pants. I value comfort over fashion any day. I also agree with the first comment-pajamas in public-yes.

    I miss college where you could dress comfortable and it was perfectly acceptable. You're lucky you can wear scrubs to work. I wish teachers wore scrubs too. It would make sense. Kids are dirty and make messes. Plus I accidentally write on my nice clothes all the time with dry erase marker or colorful pen. :(

  7. Old Navy and Target! They hold up surprisingly well. :)

  8. Ok so the ones I get are not really cheap but they serve two purposes...working out and wearing out. I like Lululemon's Wunder Unders and Zella's Live In Leggings from Nordstrom. In fact, just yesterday I wore leggings to work and then just put on my sneakers and a tank and was ready to work out - in the same pants!

    Classy with a Kick

  9. I got mine from jcpenneys outlet not too long ago. We get magazines from Woman within every week and I've seen them advertise leggings from shorts and knee length to ankle length. They have many sizes from small to 5x i think. You can check online, if you like. Woman

  10. absolutely love your outfit. Wish I could pull them off.


  11. My favorite black leggings are from H&M. They're comfy, fit great, and are lightweight so they don't bunch up around the knees. Plus they were cheap!

  12. Great inspiration photos. I think you can pull it off. I find great jeggings and leggings at The Limited, GAP and H&M. I am sure Forever 21 has some good options if you want to try a cheap trend.


  13. I'm obsessed with my leggings! I wear them with a long sweater and my boots all of the time. I own jeggings too. I love them! They're sooo easy to wear and soo comfortable!

  14. Oh lord, you have guts lady!! I wouldn't even think to walk out of the house in what to me are essentially spanx. (I mean, except to go to dance, but dance is one place where I have no qualms about my body what-so-ever)

  15. JCPenney and Kohls have great selections of leggings. I have also recently found some great capri length tights at walmart, which are pretty much leggings that run small.


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